Wednesday 28 June 2023

Tuesday Ballarat Fibre Arts

So I miscalculated and realised I was going to arrive a day early at Ballarat, and Glenys was kind enough to let me settle in a day early. WHAT a huge amount of unpacking that was, and how wonderful to get it all out of the way, including washing done. It was a pub dinner for the early crew of traders, tutors, and my dimwitted self.

Yet another shock to this Queenslander - not only is it bitterly cold here, but sunrise isn't until 7:40am! It didn't bother me so much on Police Point, as I wasn't on a schedule, but I had been hoping to fit in some lake walks before classes here - I am re-thinking that idea. Today I went to the gym, hauled my workshop materials over to the classroom, and had a little camera play in the school grounds - so much moss and lichen, and of course I found some mushrooms! There's a couple of amazing ones here - others missed the mark - largely due to the fact that I just can't see what I'm doing out there on the tiny screen!

I loved the detail captured in this one, and had a colour-play in photoshop.

I spent the afternoon helping people move in, then a quick shower before our class meeting with tutor Alysn Midgelow-Marsden, who had lots of exciting samples to show us. After dinner quite a few of us gathered in the common room, which is toasty warm and good fun. But, it's going to be a big week, so better get those zzzzz's in!

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  1. Love those beautiful lichen photos. Have a great time in Ballarat … looking forward to more photos.