Saturday 31 December 2022

Wrapping Up 2022

 I’m writing this on the day that our beautiful Main Coon sister kitties turn three. How glad I am that they are with us, and looking back today as I compiled some photos from their short life, I saw how much had happened in mine in that time.

I have become a regular writer for the magazine that helped shape my career as a textile artist, TEXTILE Fibre Forum. 

My article/column in TFF
I have created a body of work based on my first artist residency which has now been exhibited three times, with a further two exhibitions booked for 2023. During this time I revisited one of my favourite artforms, that of lino-cutting, and enrolled with Studio West End to print these – a very enjoyable interlude with Adele Outteridge and Co.

Printing an embossing at Studio West End

Algalryhthyms at Warwick Regional Art Gallery

I am currently working towards my second solo exhibition, with applications being submitted nation-wide. 

I have also continued to enjoy special moments with the originator of TEXTILE Fibe Forum and its' subsiduary interests, Janet de Boer. A woman of great knowledge and many contacts- we share a love of cocktails!!

In 2022 I became the inaugural Artist in Residence at TAFE QLD Mt Gravatt, and presented an exhibition of over twenty of my wearable art works. Sadly, I terminated this position half-way through the proposed term due to the impossible enormity of trying to get anything done under the crippling process of government bureaucracy and disinterest. So much knowlege and enthusiasm for sharing lost, a great blow to both myself as teacher, and to potential students. Such a loss to professionalism in the arts, and in the teaching institution of TAFE. I remain disturbed and enraged at what has occurred.

In 2020 I became a power lifter, and have now competed in a novice competition and two sanctioned competitions. This began in lockdown, when my friend Jenelle enticed me into her home gym… I used to be a cardio bunneh, now I like to lift heavy things. Slowly.

Jenelle and I missed out on two years of our annual SvenJen adventure at Fibres Ballarat, but finally got back there this year to enjoy Julie Ryder’s dyeing workshop. I really enjoyed learning the chemical nuances of dyeing with procion dyes, and we were very impressed with the new digs! I’ll be back there on a solo trip in 2023 to do Alysn Midgelow Marsden’s workshop, and we’ll both travel to Geelong for the TAFTA Fibre Forum in September.

I was happy to return to my beautiful home studio after the TAFE debacle, and remain ever grateful to Matt for making this custom space for me. I truly love the life I am able to lead here, able to open a door and engage in experimentation, able to shut the door when I am tired, then return again. It remains as my solace, the place where I belong, where no-one can reach me unless invited. A world of colour and sparkle behind that door, like a fantasy land. 

Bureaucracy you will not break me, you cannot have me, for your laws do not exist here, in StudioSvenja Sparkle Land.