Monday 15 July 2019

Naracoorte Caves - Layers in Time

Well, I never really figured out how to photograph it more clearly, so submitted a selection of these images of my work Layers in Time  for the inaugural Naracoorte National Art Prize. Luckily they didn't have a restriction on image numbers, as I felt I needed quite a few to fully represent the different views in different lights. I still hope to get someone to take some better ones! First up we have the glow in the dark versions - after 'charging' with the UV light, the thread will glow for about a minute.
 Then there's the half UV/ half glow in the dark - I like this combination of blue and green glow
Here's the full UV view, where both threads and white materials (including some of the organza background) glow, then a bit of a spotlight effect - I like to see this a bit as though you were walking through the cave with your torch and you see one area lit up, but there is much more in the distance.
 This ones is natural light with a slight UV glow.
Then, another spotlight effect, hopefully conveying that sense of depth....
...then just plain light, where you can see the textured leather border also highlighted with some gold wax.
Finally, the whole piece, including the top and bottom rod pockets for hanging - the whole piece is backed and bordered with this upholstery material, another perfect find from Reverse Garbage.

 So much from Reverse Garbage! The organza for all the embroidered layers, the felt backing, the upholstery fabric, and then the leather off-cuts from Trad's Liquidators. Silk pieces from the studio (this is why nothing gets thrown out!) then the thread bought on ebay. I submitted my entry on Friday, and hope to hear this week whether it has been accepted. Unfortunately, Luciferin Lei, featured in my last blog, was not accepted for Contemporary Wearables, however, I am submitting it for Fiberarts Excellence in Fibres V.