Wednesday 22 May 2013

My last post saw me headed off to Caloundra for a week on my own with the sand and the sea. As usual, it already seems months ago, but it was a helpful excercise in de-fragging somewhat. Not quite the journey to inner bliss - I guess that could take years - but it did help. I didn't even take any photos - I just was.
Since my return, I have fully moved into the marvellous StudioSvenja! Last week the final large piece went in - the Industrial sewing machine bought from some guys garage which got the tick of approval and a belly full of oil from Barry the lovely mechanic, before being hauled in to position by the boys. The overlocker didn't make it - Barry identified it as an excellent quality but very heavy duty Pegasus overlocker best suited to heavy denim and upholstery fabrics, not the silks I tend to play with. I'll be giving that a bit of TLC and selling it, so if you're interested, let me know!
A sneak peek of the ceiling!

My ebay purchases of rose fairy lights and grapevine arrived, just about completing my new creative wonderland. I just need to decorate the mirror now - I have moulded pieces of scrap leather to apply to the frame -  paint the doors, and put up some pics. Then it will be party time  - the official StudioSvenja opening to celebrate this labour of love by the hardworking Matt!! I have just today secured the Amazing Janet De Boer O.A.M to do the honours!

Recently I experienced my first (Step)Mothers Day, and found myself a little bit spoiled with these beautiful Swarovski Crystal wing earrings, 2 pairs of amazing shoes and pancakes for breakfast! After a very enjoyable lunch with my mother at one of the best venues around (Chez Moi) I was further spoiled with cocktails at the Treasury. Strawberry Starfish.....mmmmmmmmmmm
Matt at the bar

A week or so ago I popped into my favourite fabric trader, Trad's, and had small palpitations on discovery of their purchase of Daniel Lightfoot stock. Sadly, I missed a lot of the good ones, but I did walk away with rolls of silk satin, crinkle silk chiffon, corded lace and heavily beaded silk to add to the stash - very happy. There was one stunning piece of beaded pink lace that no-one else wanted - $5!!! Hello!!! It's MINE!!!

The $5 piece - about a metre of pink sparkly goodness.
Beautiful red and pink corded and beaded lace.

As they are doling out the stock slowly, I now have to go there nearly every day, but golly it's fun! You never know what you'll find!

Sunday just gone, I had the pleasure of spending the day in the home and studio of artist Kym Frame. My mother, sister and I were there to have our feet cast for her new installation piece based on Women and Place. For the work, she is aiming to obtain casts of 100 women's feet from all 'walks' of life.
Some of Kyms' 52 sets of casts

With this work, she "hopes to impart my heartfelt belief that every woman counts and has a voice that needs to be heard.   Literally and metaphorically, we need to stand together and support one another.  These many feet may also remind us what it is to walk in another’s shoes, and what it is to be the same and different. The messages I collect from participants will be incorporated into a voice work, and also hand screened onto linen teatowels and sold at the exhibition.,with 100% of sales going to the Second Chance Programme fundraising group Inc placing women beyond homelessness. The  work will be displayed at the Graydon Gallery New Farm. Exhibiting from Tuesday 4th of March thru to 9thMarch. 2014." 

If you would like to participate, or discuss any aspect of this project, contact Kym through her blog 

Having our feet cast was quite lovely, as it gave recognition to that often neglected but oh so vital part of our body which supports us every day. It's not often that you contemplate your feet and give them a starring role for the day. Unless it is within fabulous shoooooz.........!!
Another unexpected highlight of the day was her bathroom basin plug - it was just fabulous! The texture - it could be a sea urchin! It was a sculptural moment...
Mum said I was rude to photograph this, but I showed Kym and she understood!

Monday I met with three teachers at TAFE regarding my enrolment, supposedly for next year. Well, I guess we all got a little bit excited about it all and I START NEXT TERM!!! For all my skills in fabric manipulation and decoration, I have some fairly large holes in things like patternmaking, which will effect some subjects, so I am glad I owned up to this! So I will study 1st year patternmaking and fast track my way through some other subjects so that I am prepare to study Studio/Design and Patternmaking next year. So much for my idea of six months off to play in StudioSvenja!!

This week I am concentrating on finishing of a dress to send to Campbelltown for Nan Bray of whitegumwool, for which I am also making a rather fun headress. I picked up some perfect small and large rose petals today at Choice which I think could go really well with it! They'll be off by Friday, and then it is time to prepare for my upcoming workshop June 1-2 at The Buderim Craft Cottage on 'Delicious Dyeing and Fabulous Felting'!!