Saturday 30 December 2017

2017 - What I did - the highlights

In the wee hours when I couldn't sleep, I started to worry - what had I achieved this year? Had I done enough? So began a slightly desperate search through the diary and the year's photos, in an attempt to mollify the questioning beast inside.
Completed Anthozoa

Liam's Family Crest Leather book cover

Felt photo shoot
Display in TAFE windows of WOW garments

Continuing work on Cordycephila and Freyja until shipping in April

Work on Bubble Drift - unselected for WOW
Studies at TAFE in Digital Design and Swimwear resulting in Fighting Fish outfits for graduation parade, and two commissioned watercolours of design.

March: TAFE photoshoot for marketing

March 12 - Matt's son turns our world upside down by landing in Intensive Care for several months......

April: Jewellery Workshop at Fibres Ballarat, working with Aluminium and Titanium

May:  Flamingo Kit dress pattern drafted and made
Begin making 4 top hats, two out of hand made felt.

June:China holiday
Graduation, and display of Return to Earth at TAFE
 Felted wrap made for Beatrice for her 80th birthday, out of silk shibori pieces she had gifted me
Experimented with making several half scale mannequins
 Dress altered and headpiece made for Miss Chrissy
Dress made for Matt's grandaughter
 August: Ekka Natural Fibres Market - some new works made

New website created.
Practice painting for Traffic Signal Box before actual painting in September

 September: World of WearableArt
Jimmy Choo Symposium and ABC footage - Fimbria Figura and Forest Floor paraded at 2 events

Seat covers for Ziggy and Bruce the Studebakers made
October: Leather cover made for nephew, Antony
Odalisque on display at TAFE graduation
 Work begins on new WOW pieces Emergence and Coccinelle
November: Isolda on display at Reverse Garbage Queensland
Work continues on WOW 2018 pieces