Sunday 13 January 2019

Offerings to the Magnificent Pizza Oven

*Warning - completely non-textile related blog-entry. Food lovers keep reading. *
After our family pizza gathering last weekend, Matt was inspired to try his bread making skills in the magnificent oven he built several years ago.
  The thing with the oven is – because he built it at restaurant scale, we can’t help but make the most of its capacious size! So, I tried a spiced honey glazed chicken, some roast pumpkin, capsicum, tomatoes, and smashed potatoes with rosemary.
Don't mind the kombi washer bottle  in the background!!

 I had some fillo pastry that needed using too, so with the apples leftover after making Peter Cundell’s cabbage salad, made a couple of strudels. I sliced one eggplant, and put the other in whole, to make baba ganoush this week.
What a feast! Everything was cooked perfectly, which is tricky enough in a standard oven, let alone this. The bread was fabulous – only a second attempt – and such a lovely, cake-like texture. A beautiful breeze cooled us on the deck whilst we ate the feast, and I stayed out there afterwards with my plastic bottle pieces and soldering iron - see, work was done!! A magnificent weekend of good work and fab food!!