Thursday 17 August 2017

Ekka Natural Fibres Market, Recycled Art, Millinery, and WOW 2017 &18!!

Work from QUT

This week I braved the crowds and the germs of the Ekka to assist with the Natural Fibres Market, where 30 local textile artists had wares for sale, myself being one. Although placed beside the three-times-a-day fashion show, and despite great efforts of many people, unfortunately this hasn't turned out to be everything it could be - although it is only the first time it has occurred.  Despite the direct link with the agriculture that the Ekka is all about, I'm not sure this is our best target market, but hey, we'll try anything! It was wonderful looking around our own display, and I couldn't help but try on this wonderful Meredith McMaster headpiece - DIVINE! I also loved seeing Wendy Bailye's stunning wrap atop my dyed silk camisole.

Beneath us were more displays, and I did love this bridal outfit of crocheted goodness!
After my shift, which included watching and listening to two very loud Bananas in Pajamas shows, ( "Are you thinking what I'm thinking, B1?") 1 Farmyard Friends, 3 fashion shows and a bird show, I escaped for a quick wander around, largely to  see the animals. With 2 girls of my own at home, I was keen to see the chooks, and giggled my way around the (mainly) roosters, who would set each other off as I went down each aisle. There were some amazing lads on display!

Corrrr, look at that comb!!!

Today I met up with Janet de Boer at the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts to see the Brisbane City Council Recycling Art Competition, where I saw the beautiful work of Katherine Grocott - loved it! Awards are announced tomorrow, and do check out her work.We then spent several enjoyable hours at the nearby Japanese restaurant before heading across the road to Artisan, which is currently hosting 2 lovely exhibitions. At the front is the Millinery Association of Australia Design Awards 2017, with some delicious pieces. In the main gallery is  Beneath the Surface by Luke Maninov Hammond- a Brisbane based jeweller and neuroscience imaging specialist, whose work has been exhibited internationally and featured in fashion magazines.
Neuroscience imaging of Zebra fish brains, I believe.
Less than 5 weeks now until the annual pilgrimage to WOW, and I am already working on the 2018 designs!
Current mood boards inspiring many, many designs.

I can't help it - it will be my 10th year, and WOW's 30th - I MUST be involved! Also distracting me for the next month is the painting of the Traffic Signal Box (TSB) which begins next week. The box is at a major intersection, down the road from the college TAFE (where I have been doing Fashion Studies, FOREVERRRR) and down the other road from the Cat Clinic where we spent so much time and money with our beloved feline Mishka. Titled 'Wearable Art Woooooow' it showcases some of my wearable art designs, showing the influence of TAFE, and immortalises Mish, who's unique meow sounded a heck of a lot like a very, VERY, insistent Woooooooow!!!! I have never really painted like this, so thought I'd better do a practice run before embarrassing myself in public, and am now reasonably confident I won't be doing that.

 So feel free to drop by and see the work in progress, feel even more free to drop by with a cold beer, starting from next Wednesday. See my Facebook for updates on progress and painting days.