Monday 22 August 2011

WoW Wardrobe

Only a few hours until I leave for the airport - SO trying to get a pic of the outfit and shooz out there for you! Here goes....
I've made a corset and shrug in dyed and printed silk. They actually sit more snugle against each other on me than on Shirley here, and the line of spikes appears to wrap right around. I have used the same print on my corset as on my entry, Fimbria Figura, in a pewter-rose colour. I have also used the same type of shibori spikes in silk and black crushed lame, and beaded heavily around them. If only I'd had time to make a spiky bag as well!!! I'm wearing black wet-look printed leggings and a glittery mini with it.

For those in the know, I also have a pic of my eyelash extensions - they're driving me crazy, but I'm glad I got them!!
OK - just washed the hair dye out, time to finish off the packing! Which means it's time for a champoo!! Cheerio friends!!

Tuesday 9 August 2011

Do you think Wellington will notice me?!!

Just under 2 weeks now until I fly over to Wellington  NZ for the Brancott World of WearableArt™ Awards show - brrrrrrrrrrr! In anticipation of the bracing wind and well, frankly, just mind- numbing cold, this sunny Queensland girl decided to make herself a hat and boa to keep the cold at bay. The boa was fun – it’s the first one I’ve made in black with multi-coloured centres. At first glance it looks just black, but then on closer view, the different coloured materials and sparkles in the centre of each piece appear. I’ve included sari scraps, disco sequin, lame scraps, silk fibre, and printed silk organza scraps which are offcuts from my actual WoW entry. I made a few extra pieces to use on the hat, but they were huge, so I made 5 more tiny ones – it’s even harder making them smaller! The hat is a hoot – it’s just a basic capeline with a little ledge on the top and a cut-out at the front – helmet style! Because I want to be able to pack it in my suitcase, I used stitches instead of millinery stiffener to give it strength and retain the shape, by free-motion embroidering all over it.It's not my normal kind of look, but really, I just want to be warm!! 13 more sleeeeps!!

Friday 5 August 2011

Is Fashion Art?

Last night I went to a lecture which was very timely for me, as I consider my own textile art practice and ask questions about where it sits in regards to fashion and art. Valerie Steele, Director and Chief Curator of The Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology (MFIT) posed the question “Is Fashion Art?”, and discussed the many issues this question raises. It would appear that the commercialism and mechanisation of fashion is one of the biggest challenges in viewing fashion as art, making it more of an industry. Fashion is also viewed as ephemeral and superficial, whilst fine art is considered to have an element of spirituality and eternal beauty. The fact that fashion is intimately involved with the body is also a stumbling block. I liked the recognition that fashion is seen to be connected with feminine values and vanity, whilst art is viewed as masculine genius. The fact that Charles Worth made sure to present himself as an artist, not a dressmaker, by styling himself after Rembrandt by wearing a beret, and signing his work as artists do (the beginning of the label) was very interesting, as was the fact that Coco Chanel believed fashion designers were not artists, and were a purely commercial industry. Her belief was apparently something like “fashion should thrive and then die, in order that commerce may live”. Fair enough. I guess then it comes down to the idea that “anything can be art, but not everything is art”. Yves St Laurent’s partner believes “Fashion is art if it is made by an artist” – I like this. No, not all fashion is art, but it can be, depending on the intent with which it is made. It would appear that fashion is in the process of legitimisation as an art form, as photography and jazz music once were. Bring it on!!

Wednesday 3 August 2011

Blogger arrival!

Well I'm here - nearly. The last few weeks have been a whir of activity, trying to set up my Etsy shop, new Gmail and paypal accounts, this blog..... need I say more? Well, what I usually say is "I did ART!!!!" I have a way to go yet, so be patient as I learn and tweak. My Etsy shop won't be too far off - stay tuned for the grand opening of THAT!! A lot of works from my recent exhibition Morphology will be making an appearance there, as well as random new things that my heart tells me to make.

Morphology II at Gallery 159, June 2011