Saturday 28 March 2015

For something new - Antlers!!

The mood has shifted in StudioSvenja as the epic WOW journey of 2015 draws to a close - for now. Nights spent stitching until 2am when I can no longer feel my fingers are no longer in the foreseeable future. (To the left is a detail shot which I have played with in photoshop - I have to keep doing it so I don't forget everything!!) The Svenja support team have rallied, bestowing positive feedback on my work, some even saying 'best work ever'! I do always need a few pats on the head by this stage! As usual, I am glad to see the end of it, and look forward to embracing new projects.....
Like the large antlers I agreed to make for a shoot for Chantal BrennanPhotography, late one night, full of champagne fueled enthusiasm and good will. With such a busy month coming up, I seriously questioned my sanity the following morning in agreeing to do this. Turns out to have been a great decision. I made them this week, and thoroughly enjoyed the challenge.  I can't wait to see the results of the Easter shoot! 
from ChantalOn the right is the inspiration pic she sent me, to the left is what I have made so far. I am still wrapping them in cord to give a ribbed, horn-like appearance.
The WOW shoot itself is booked for the 19th of April, but of course, I will not be able to share those until after the event in September.

On Thursday night, mother Jacqueline and I went to the QldBallet's performance of La Sylphide,
 a ballet I've never seen before. I had booked the
tickets for us, and clearly got a bit confused - Row F was not, as I had thought, in the stalls, but in the balcony - but what fabulous seats they turned out to be! We had a full view of the orchestra, which I have to admit, totally distracted and fascinated me. As did the costumes. Several times I felt as though I was looking at a Degas painting. The absolutely beautiful shades of green in the tutus, the darkness of the set - it was like watching a painting.  Oh, and of course, did I mention the exquisite dancing?!
Jacqueline recently visited the BVAC hub to do some printing with Sandra Pearce, after enjoying a workshop with her at the Redland Art Gallery.  It sounds like it was a great day, and the resulting monoprints have inspired us both. The depth of layering in the images just begs for the further step of drawing in what may be suggested by the print, and I for one can't wait for a play day in her studio in early April!  Including a roast lamb dinner, fabulous NZ wine, and a sleepover in the beautiful home I grew up in. Yeh, not much to look forward too, eh?!! 
Today was well spent, starting to pack for the Oz Tour, getting requirements together for our trip to ConTEXTart, and packing up the suitcase of supplies for the workshop with Hervey Bay Spinners and Weavers at the end of April. Organizements - I can do it!!

Wednesday 18 March 2015


The week started with an early delivery on Monday of these bags of goodies, (right) which was a great boost for my motivation as I plug away for the final weeks at finishing the beasts for WOW. Also known as tubular crinoline, these are sold as cyberlox, (left) a techno/goth/club version of dreadlocks. Unfortunately I am using most of it in my pieces, but, oh, gee, the bag of lavender/pink isn't getting used...... ;-) heh heh heheh!!
More hair accessories are being utilised - here are some dismembered and painted ibis clips which will provide finishing touches to both pieces.
Iridescent organza is being pin-stitched for both to give it a bit of body and life - another arduous process, although it is greatly improved by the music and air-conditioning in StudioSvenja! I DO love my space!! Sadly, this stage is almost pure drudgery, as I simply try to complete the vision which began, what seems now, so long ago!
Enough of this moping!! Today I had a diversion from the  drudgery, as I picked up my travelling home (Chrystal the Cage) for the Craft & Quilt Fair tour (left) around Australia. Unfortunately, it doesn't fit anywhere near StudioSvenja, so I am going to have to negotiate with ShedMatt for a couple of weeks storage whilst I prepare it!!

This is probably the last you will hear from me for a while, as April is an insane month, starting with a trip to ConTEXTart, where my Bunneh and I will be participating in Anne Leon's 2-day workshop. We have, however, booked the entire week away - cunning, no? We arrive home in time to enjoy Cirque du Soleil with our boys. Then we have the WOW photo-shoot, packing the beasts up for WOW, packing Chrystal the Cage for the tour, and ending the month with a trip to the Hervey Bay Spinners & Weavers  to teach them my Precious Fragment wrap. Phew!! Remember folks - if you want to catch up with me this year for any artist talks or workshops as I travel around with the Craft & Quilt Fair, make sure to let me know in good time before I book my flights!! Ciao for now!!

Monday 9 March 2015

Craft & Quilt Fair 2015 - I'm on Australian Tour!!!

Well, I think it's about time we announced that I have been invited to tour with 'Australia's No.1 Craft & Quilt Fair' as a Guest Artist for 2015! Following a successful and very enjoyable stint at the Brisbane Show in 2014, this year I will be found at:                              WA: Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre - May 20-24                                                  NSW: Sydney Exhibition Centre - June 17-21                                                              TAS: Silverdome, Launceston - July 10-12                                                                    VIC: Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre - July 23-26                                      ACT: Exhibition Park, Mitchell, Canberra Aug 6-9                                                         SA: Adelaide Event & Exhibition Centre Nov 5-8 
I will have many of my wearable art garments on display, including those that have been finalists in The World of WearableArt, and will be demonstrating some of the many techniques I use to create them. From feltmaking, to screen-printing, to free-motion embroidery, to leather moulding, it will all be there! 'Isolda', (left) my entry into the Avant Garde Section of the World of WearableArt 2014, made almost entirely from bridal offcuts from the studio of  award winning bridal designer Wendy Makin, will be there, as will Fimbria Figura, (right) my 2011 entry, featuring hand dyed and screenprinted silk organza.
I will also have a selection of dyed and printed silk scarves, shawls and camisoles for sale, as well as some of my felted creations.

I am also available to present workshops and artist talks in these regions before or after these dates, so do let me know if you are interested, before I book my tickets!! I'm looking forward to meeting everyone at these venues - it's going to be such an exciting year!!!

Wednesday 4 March 2015

Wow Deadline extension!!

This week I started a discussion with fellow Wow designers online, asking where they were up to with their works. With three weeks until my proposed photo shoot deadline, I was starting to get a little anxious, and was envying the extra time the New Zealand designers are allowed. Imagine my surprise to hear that some of them had not even started on them!!! And I have been working for months, admittedly with a few false starts. Then, imagine my delight, when looking at the Wow site, I discovered a new amendment to the entry requirements for previously admitted International designers! No longer do we have to submit photos by the 1st of April - nooooo! We simply skip that step and ship it over at the end of the month! Squeeeee! Three extra weeks!!! Never have I needed the extra time more. How is it that I missed this amazing information?!! I don't remember hearing anything about it!
The lounge room has been taken over for the last month, with my two large pieces on mannequins looming over us all. They're the first things I see when I open my eyes and roll over each morning, and we all sit here at night watching the tv with them glaring down on us! Although not yet at the loathing stage, I am heartily sick of them, and just want them done. This does not mean that I'm not enjoying the process, it's a couple of things; I have been working on them a long time, and would like to do something else, and, I just want to see them!

Last night I saw the midnight hour, as I stitched sequins onto leather - a mighty painful and frustrating  process! Today I worked hard on trying to bring at least one of the pieces all together - and out of the lounge!! Mission accomplished. I can now let him sit, and cast a critical eye over him for a while.
Here are a few other images of some of the leather moulding, and shibori organza decoration involved. Sadly, I see more sequin stitching on leather heading my way - it's very effective!!