Wednesday 1 March 2017

A Painful Photoshoot

This weekend I finally got to visit JJ's at Redcliffe, which has an eclectic mix of fabrics and trims. Whilst I didn't find anything particularly exciting, I was pretty thrilled to find a 100m roll of fusible woven interfacing for $10!! Here is my happy packhorse with it - my very own Mat Man!!

I received an important lesson in the difference between working in RGB and CMYK in Photoshop this week. After creating a print I was quite happy with, I decided to start making the correctly sized file for the printer. Unfortunately, inexperienced as I am, I had no idea what a large role the colour mode plays, especially when you have used layer effects.  At the moment I am still trying to replicate the original effect in the new format, but I think I might just have to pretend that the first didn't happen and just go with the flow in the new format!
RGB with 'Divide' effect

Trying to replicate in CMYK.... nawt quite happening!

Yesterday I participated in a photoshoot for the new TAFE marketing campaign. I travelled in to SouthBank with a suitcase full of props such as a design on a half scale mannequin, sketchbooks, scissors - general tools of the trade. A lovely makeup artist zhooshed my hair and face - such pampering! - then it was off to the sewing rooms for the shoot, where I started to pull out my gear so they could see what I had to offer. I'm not going to write too much about the following half hour, but suffice to say that the photographer had quite the attitude, talked disrespectfully to me, dissed my mannequin as looking like a 'toy', (I honestly don't care what you think buddy, this is what I actually use) proceeded to pose me then ask if that felt natural - well, no, that's not how I would actually do that - and to generally be a bit of a diva ass. There was no appreciation shown for my efforts, I was left to pack up and straighten the room that they had rearranged, and can I just put forward the notion that a professional photographer gets the most out of his (non professional)  model with good guidance, kind words and encouragement. After all, we're all working towards the same goal here - a well composed, authentic shot - I get that. The icing on the cake was being released at 3pm, meaning a trip home on the train with hordes of school children!!  At the risk of sounding like a bit of a sook, I'm afraid the experience is still hanging over me like a black cloud. Shame that - it was just supposed to be a bit of fun! Anyhoo - if it all comes to fruition, you may see me pretending to cut out a pattern in some truly hideous chiffon in a TAFE advertisement near you!