Sunday 28 August 2022

Design Atelier Window

 The last few weeks at TAFE have been full-on, and I haven't had a moment to update things, so I am putting that to rights, starting with installing the Design Atelier display window. Probably about a metre wide and twelve long, it had to be filled from one end to the other. With a collection of work from my nuno felt wedding party, to Morphology exhibition works and even my wedding bouquet, it was a disparate collection, so I decided to create a colour wash. Beginning with the bright pinks and purples, I travelled to deep turquoise and green, through lavender-gold into botanicals. The palette then deepened and continued into dark purples and pinks with black, and silver and black. 

I was able to use the hanging track I had requested to use felted boas to physically link works and create another visual plane, as well as using various boxes at different heights as plinths, and the wall rails to hang background dyed fabrics. Overall I was pleased with it, especially once the screens with a cycling presentation of my work were working - they also added a bit of light into the somewhat dim space.

Moving into the studio itself, I quickly found my place, making a little nook against the wall near a GPO to plug in Betty Bernina, and placing a design wall behind me and in front of the washing machines. Luckily I was already working on several new pieces, so that guided me on what to bring in. It didn't take me long to fill one table then move to another - I could easily fill this whole place! My growing occupation ceased as my attention turned to the exhibition, and I began moving all the works into a storeroom behind the gallery, and repairing and ironing. All the works were in very good condition, with very little needing attention. 

Anthozoa needed a few stitches and her gold paint refreshed - she spent many years over in Perth being used as a promotional model for Wearable Arts Mandurah - although she looks quite delicate, she is on a solid base of upholstery fabric, so that probably helped. My first WOW piece, Beyond Chrysalis from 2008, returned on loan from Fashion Fantasia in Tasmania, and for a very delicate, wired work, she was amazingly intact. A few wire repairs and a good steam, and she was looking herself again.

Below is a video of the storeroom housing the work for the gallery - next time I'll fill you in on all the mannequin wrangling it took to create the space with 25 mannequins, all by myself....