Saturday 24 December 2011

Photo shoots and a little fame!!

I’ve been so busy in the last month – yikes, 2 months – that I haven’t posted anything here. The fact that I can’t post anything about the main project I am working on for the World of Wearable Art is also to blame. I have so much to share, so many new skills, but I’ll have to wait, as will you. All I can say is, it’s going really well, and I’m having a superb time!! We spent a lazy Sunday together recovering from countless bottles of champagne consumed the night before, but from those ashes have arisen a gem of a concept. With 14 weeks left to create before the photoshoot, I have to be realistic and shelve my own dream of making an entry for the Illumination Illusion section and stick to getting mine finished. Then we face (sorry Matt, YOU face) the task of creating a custom crate with magic capabilities of fitting something very large into 1 cubic metre – good luck with that. But it’s so going to be worth it.
Another project I have worked on has come to fruition – we are very happy with our 4 page full colour spread in Embellish magazine! I think they used every image I sent them (cheeky as ever, I sent them more than they required) and kept every word. Thanks again to my beautiful models Magdalene Bufalino, Julia McCormick and Jess Sanders.
Speaking of photo shoots, here is a great video featuring the work of fantastic textile artist Kirry Toose… 

Our 4 page spread!!
I was contacted earlier this week by Bernina Australia about loaning Siren of the Sea for display to craft shows in Tasmania and Perth next year – yay! Certainly a better place to be than sitting in my cupboard!! Bernina is again supporting the Art U Wear Competition run by Expertise Events, the theme for 2012 is ‘The Fairest of them All’. Hmmmmmmm, can I fit this in?!! It’s such a fantastic event, I really want to support it….
Siren of the Sea, 2011. Model: Jess Sanders, 
Another nice moment this week was contact from a lovely lass in NZ working on a tourism brochure which is featuring 6 WoW designers, including moi! Even more exciting was the fact that she had put together my ‘quote’ from info on here – OMG, someone IS actually reading this! If I’m honest, I’ll say that this is what has spurred me on to post again.
Fun times at the Fimbria Figura shoot with Magdalene (above) and Jenelle (below)
Like I said, life has been manic of late, so much so that I FORGOT TO CHECK MY ETSY EMAIL!! At 4am this morning I remembered, and sure enough, someone had made a purchase ONE WEEK AGO!! Just terrible. I felt awful, and posted it straight away, with my fulsome apologies, and a white lie that I had been unwell. I AM unwell – I’m stressed, I’m not sleeping properly, I wake up clenching my teeth, I am so tired all I want to do in the morning is go back to bed. Hence my dental specialist recommending me for a Sleep Study – yup, I have to go and sleep in a monitored box!! Aaaaghhhhh!!

Well, it has been a busy and successful couple of months, and I’m looking forward to working hard over what little break I might get. The joy of creating. I’d die without it!! Wishing all a good break in readiness for another super creative year!