Wednesday 17 May 2017

Fighting Fish Fabric Fabulousness!!

I really should wait until I've made these garments up to show the full story, but I just can't wait to share the fabric that I picked up today from Emerald Dreams. I didn't even look at it at first, I almost couldn't bear it! I'm lucky that unlike others, I didn't need specific colour matching, but I still could hardly bear to look! I unveiled it a little at Trad's, where I had gone to replenish studio stock, and pick up some matching chiffon for this. When I got home I was delighted to spread the fabric out and see the lycra and the chiffon with my very own painting printed on it - and I LOVED it!!
Original watercolour painting

Silk organza toile, dip-dyed.
 I love the colours, the crispness, and I particularly love the watercolour effect in the background layers.
So, the lycra is to become a halter neck swimsuit, and one leg of a pair of leggings for myself (I'm economising!) and the chiffon is to be pin-stitched into a cape, with a plain layer of chiffon as the under-layer (more economising)! I made the toile in silk organza, not the cleverest of moves as it's so much stiffer than the chiffon, however, it has helped me make the pattern, and I do have a wedding to go to soon....)
So it should be a pretty busy day at TAFE tomorrow, and I'll add photos of it on the catwalk in July!