Sunday 18 December 2016

Colour of the Year - Peacock

2016 Diary cover
You couldn't imagine all those green tones on one bird - but here there are!:
Phone cover
For some unknown reason at the start of this year, I felt strongly drawn to the rich green and blue tones of the peacock, leading me to make my diary cover in felt and silk of those tones, and buy a phone cover in similar.
Perhaps it all began a few months earlier, as I worked my way through some dyed wool and fabric in the stash, making several nuno felted wraps.

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Next came my active wear project at TAFE, which continued the theme, this time taking it underwater into the world of the siamese fighting fish and octopus
Active Wear Inspiration Board
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Active Wear Design Boards
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Octopus Print
Anemone Print
At the same time I was working on my Studio subject design, from the given theme of Tropicobana. This time my print design actually made it to the printer. The leggings made from it became an integral part of my NZ WOW outfit, and tied in nicely to the beautiful two-way sequin fabric I found and made three pieces from. A perfect match for some shoes recently bought.

Tropicobana Inspiration Board
Tropicobana legging design
Leggings worn in Japan!
NZ WOW gear

Playing with Beatrice Carlson, who also matched me....
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with her beetle-wing jewellery to match her own entry.
 During the year I had made a peacock coloured felt and silk capelet for my favourite Bunneh - then we had an outing to Cirque du Soleil to celebrate my unmentionable birthday, so clearly needed a hairpiece to match. For this I even resorted to raiding the peacock feathers in my loungeroom vase.
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Image may contain: food During Svestivus, when we visited Melbourne, I bought these gawdjuss buttons at the markets at Federation Square.

Then there is the soft scuplture piece I am currently working on....

I'll going to take this opportunity to make a bit of a leap, and point out that I was ahead of Pantone in choosing the colour of the year... sort of....!!

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 Just to finish it off is this beautiful re-worked photo from a shoot several years ago with Asiara Photography.
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So, for all you doubters who think I only work in pink and purple, just take a look at The Year of the Peacock and all that occurred within it!
In your (Peacock) eye!!