Sunday 26 August 2012


Ahhh, it’s been a while, so we’ve got a bit of catching up to do.
My nuno felt bridal collection made it onto the catwalk of Fashion Flair, and although I won no awards, I felt most gratified this week to find out that out of around 600 entries sent, only around 114 made it on stage (and something like 43 out of 50 for MSIT – whooot!). I have to say, I was disappointed to have them returned in one huge dress bag, instead of the individual (colour co-ordinated!) dress bags I sent them in, and with makeup stains all over the white linings. Don’t think I’ll do that one again. Photos of the event are online here.
Thanks to Fantasy Labels for sending my new labels - much appreciated. This week I also received my latest purchase of a Deluxe Leathercraft kit from Tandy Leather! Whoo-hooooo! I have some great ideas on moulding and tooling some leather bodices for my new collection, and can’t wait to get started - I hope to try out some of the techniques tomorrow. Points also to Tandy Leather for a mighty swift delivery – much appreciated.  This week I watched the accompanying dvd to get to know the gear – sitting there holding up each tool to identify it as the ultra-exciting presenter (giggle!!) went through them.  Riveting stuff!!
 Friday night we went to the Twilight Markets at King George Square, and it took me no time at all to find the best bling on site, which I promptly bought at a bargain price. Well, I should clarify that….. the lovely lady didn’t take plastic, so I beckoned Matt and his wallet over……….. thanks dahling! My new necklace and earrings – perfect for WoW, dontcha think? 
Beautiful Swarovski crystal necklace and earrings
Going through the mall, Matt motioned me towards Aldo shoes, where I saw a pair of silver platform heels on sale – suddenly I thought – with the new jewellery…….maybe I will wear silver and white?!! 
Silver shooz!
So I bought them. In the cold light of day, I think I still want to wear black on awards night, but am still seriously thinking of creating a silver and white option – maybe for Preview? Today was spent unpacking the Flair garments, tidying the studio, and doing a felt layout ready for felting tomorrow, to turn into my WoW Awards night dress! Black and purple – I’m going with my gut feeling….
On the way in on the ferry we saw this rather unusual full size rubber duckie floating on the river……
Not sure what this is about...
Saturday was also spent organising which pieces of mine will be for sale at the ATASDA exhibition ‘Beyond’. Beyond is an exhibition of textile and fibre arts to celebrate five years of ATASDA in Queensland featuring Wearable Art, 3-D and wall pieces, held at Gallery 54, Paddington, Brisbane, 3-13th October.
I am allowed 10 pieces, and have chosen largely my devore printed and dyed scarves, a  couple of boas, and a devore velvet duster. (I am disturbed to find I cannot actually locate one of my boas!!!) 
Purple Devore Duster is for sale!!
My nuno felted plum dress and wrap are my actual entry for the exhibition.

I was already deeply involved in our next project – an exhibition of work including WoW entries, to cover the next few years.  I felt a bit bereft after all the deadlines were over this year – don’t get me wrong – I really appreciated the break, but it just felt a bit odd to have no focus… and then inspiration hit, and I welcomed it with open arms…..
So, with 3 weeks to go till WoW, the focus is on getting lots of fabulous outfits together! The itinerary is sorted, just got to sort the glam! And hone the body to look awesome in it – hence early morning Bunneh Boxing with Miss Jenelle!! Bring it ONNNNNNN!!!!