Tuesday 12 May 2015

Pre-Perth update

With my flight to Perth looming on Saturday morning, I have been continuing to work towards creating an exciting display stand. I have finished the banner for 'StudioSvenja', made from pieces of dyed silk and re-purposed silk garments - I'll post a photo when it's flying proudly! I have also started work dyeing some lovely rayon garments which will be available for sale, starting with a few for myself, of course! I want these to be quite special and unique items, which requires several trips through the dye baths and/or some screen-printing. Here's a kaftan top dyed for myself in purples and blues, with my 'Bracket Fungi' screen-print in rose/silver. Here's another one in multi-colours which has been overdyed with black.
This lovely piece of eco-dyed silk georgette was just too long to be a wrap, and I didn't want to cut into it, so I shrunk it in with a strip of felt in the middle, which also gives it a nice bit of body, and enables it to be worn as a double layer stole. The photo does not do the lovely, delicate prints of the eucalypts and onion skins on it justice!
After spending several hours at my mother's house, hemming her curtains (whilst still attached to the rod!) - a very dull job - I was eager to get into the studio to work on a toile for a new garment. What a wonderful  time I had - it has been a long time since I experienced the fun of drawing and cutting on calico, pinning bits on, and finally getting a successful pattern out of it - yahoooo!! It's the kind of joy I know Matt understands, as he does the same kind of magic up in the shed with steel. 
As I walked into the loungeroom this afternoon, the warm sunlight was catching the top of this little shibori  sample, and it was just glowing - it was a lovely sight. I had thought of cutting bits of this off to sew onto the banner but I'm not sure I can bear to! See you all post-Perth!!

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