Tuesday 19 May 2015

King's Park and Botanical Beauty

Before I begin, just another quick shot from yesterday at Freemantle Markets - Croinuts! OMG! Croissanty-Do-nutty-Custardy SIN!! And no, I didn't go there - I just looked.
 Monday began with rain, but to my surprise soon cleared, so I headed out into King's Park - a botanist's paradise! I couldn't help but think of my father and how much he would have appreciated it all, as I saw so many different varieties of species not common in Queensland. I found this amazing, almost white eucalypt, (left) and these gorgeous blossoms, (top right), as well as the button-like buds that remain after they bloom (right). There were a lot of windfall branches from the recent rainy weather, and the ground staff were all busy tidying it up - I only wished I could be taking them all home with me to do some eco-printing!! The area near the
beautiful glass bridge (right) provided a lovely view across the still water, and over the Swan Brewery (left). As per my travelling principles, I have indeed tried the local brew, and give it the thumbs up! I tried to cover as much of the park as possible, and end up down the bottom so I could try out the Jacob's Ladder stairs (right), the equivalent to Brisbane's Kangaroo Point Cliff Stairs. I managed to run most of the way. With a few wee stops. Phew!!
After a breakfast stop back home, I was surprised to see the weather still defying the forecast, so ventured into the CBD to get a few stores for the weekly lunches. I do find the city centre a bit confusing, as there are a few pedestrian malls, and they don't seem to have any $2 Choice-Bro shops!! It was another big afternoon of walking, but I was happy to discover these great artworks on some windows, and a few groovy alleyways.

After a short rest of the tootsies, it was time to go and get a head start on the unpacking at the Craft Fair. Time flew, and after several hours, I had most of the main mannequins dressed, and a few issues identified, so, well worth doing.
I was back just after 8 this morning, to do a little more work before my radio interview with ABC Perth. I was interviewed by the lovely Lorraine Horsley, who saw my work with fresh eyes, and I enjoyed chatting to her.  Many of the problems I found yesterday were solved with the help of the fabulous Expertise Events team, saving me a trip out to find supplies. Finished by 1, I was happy to head home, where I have spent the entire afternoon finalising the slide show that will run on my laptop at my stand, and now, finishing off with this blog! Time to relaaaax!!!

 Wing shaped leaves, an awesome spiral eucalypt, and a beautiful blossom, just to finish off. Zzzzzzzzzz.

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  1. The botanica is amazing! I would have loved to see what you could do with an Eco print, too!
    Really enjoying your Perth posts. Look forward to seeing more. But, take a little rest. ;D x