Sunday 24 July 2022

Artist in Residence at the TAFE QLD Design Atelier

 After months of talks and legal wrangling, the deed has indeed been done, and signed this past Friday, in the Design Atelier which I am to call home for the next six months.

It was straight after gym, so I was not very glamorous for the occasion! Nor will I look any better this week as I lug in my boxes, baskets and bags of garments to create a display in the large window gallery opposite the studio - it's going to be a lot of hard work. 

Then there's the process of moving all my gear into the studio itself, with all the projects I am currently working on. I could easily fill the whole room myself, but there are supposed to be Alumni students coming in to use it as well.... so I will have to restrain myself.
After that, there's some more hard work as I bring in the 20+ wearable art works I will be exhibiting in the Gallery in just a few weeks - there will be more information on this shortly. It's a great big space which has so far only been used as a meeting facility - watch out folks - I'm taking over.
We had a play around last week and discovered that the fluoros can be dimmed right down and the spotlights can be coloured, so I think we'll be able to create something magical. When I say we, I mean Craig - my new best friend on campus. The go-to man with the ladders and the tools and the keys.

The mass exodus of work from home and studio also creates the opportunity for a giant, long overdue tidy up. Perhaps I will find the two felted hats that I found were missing today.

So it's very busy days here at StudioSvenja. Look out for my next post about the Wearable Art exhibition, and information about the workshops I will be offering from the Atelier during my residency. If you're super-keen, send me an email and I'll put you on my mailing list.


  1. This is wonderful news! You are a creative powerhouse 💥

  2. Looking forward to hearing more over your time in residence

  3. Good luck finally after all the hours of work trial and error over the years. You deserve the best os success. Go dear S.