Sunday 9 October 2016

Fun at the Craft & Quilt Fair 2016

Keeping busy at the ATASDA stand
My soft sculpture sample piece
After a post-WOW week of  establishing a solid relationship with a heavy headcold, it was nice to be heading out into the glorious spring day, and catching a ferry to Southbank - it made me feel like I was on holiday! (I'm still sick, but I can't miss out on everything!) I was off to the Craft & Quilt Fair to attend the ATASDA stand, deliver the Common Threads Banner, and of course, do a little shopping. I also took a tour around the quilts - some were truly mind blowing in their size and intricacy, others challenged me - as in how is it a quilt when there is no stitching at all apart from the binding? Similar issues with others that seem to be simply a photographic digital print onto fabric, and.......well, that's it. Really, people?
Show me you can do something apart from hitting print from Photoshop. Show me you have the skills to interpret an idea and render an image using some talent with whatever materials you choose..
Some awe-inspiring quilts. OCD always comes to mind....
A detail from In Weaving Picnic Love and Landslides
On Thursday I caught up with Janet de Boer for a post-WOW squeee, where we discussed many aspects of the show, and I came away with this lovely painting as a wedding gift to Matt and myself. It's called "In Weaving Picnic Love and Landslides' and was painted by Annemarie Santorik. It's huge, and probably too modern for our house, but I loved it as soon as I saw it - not only for it's colours, but its glorious texture and ethereal cloudiness. It's too big to put where I had planned, but it is actually sitting really well in the hallway opposite our 'office' - it doesn't afford a long distance appreciation, but it gets close up admiration every time I leave the room, and gets highlighted by the afternoon sun down the hallway to show the texture in all its glory.
Crystal Waves

On Friday I headed back to the Craft & Quilt Fair - this time with nothing to occupy my hands for the afternoon, which was quite challenging! There were many tasks to be done, but none which could be easily transported. Saturday however, brought the opportunity for those, and I finished the beaded element to finish off my Crystal Wave piece, in regards to both structure and aesthetics. In order to sit pleasingly, a little weight was required at the front, and I found the perfect glass beads at the Bead Trimming and Craft Company to finish it off. It took hours to finish, then more time to photograph, edit, and upload. The other task that was started today was the metallic foiling via my new Hot Foil Pen, applied today to silk paper panels for a skirt, and soon to be applied to some leather bodice pieces. I had a play in the morning on some sample leather pieces lying around, and love it!  I don't have to apply adhesive before hand, I just draw over the foil slowly with the heat pen. Brilliant!