Sunday 10 August 2014

A new project!

Well, there's never a dull moment at StudioSvenja! A chance meeting on facebook has me designing and making two garments for a photoshoot in early September. Just when I was having a quiet semester, along comes an opportunity too good to miss! The best thing about this that it's making me finish some half started designs. I have these leather pieces moulded and ready to dye and paint from the early days of Hakaturi. They are in really soft leather, part of my initial experimentation with the medium. I may use them, I may cut more in a firmer leather - I just ordered a couple of hides from Tandy Leather on the weekend when I received their email newsletter about some fabulous specials! Fortuitous or what?!! The first design has organza ruffles sewn over the hips, in shades or peacock green/blues - I've experimented with some off-cuts of dyed organza from this year's WOW entry. See - there's a reason to keep even scraps!! This colouring matches the lovely irridescent green/blue of the rooster feathers. Thankfully I have quite a box-full to play with, and don't have to wait to order more. It's great having a good stock of all sorts of things!! The good news is that
I think I'll be able to modify the pattern from my studio design last semester (aka the Blueberry!) as the base for the tunic tops. They're closely fitted, halter neck, and have the bubble - I think I'll just need to raise that and soften the angle. Still a lot of hard work, but nice not be starting from TOTAL scratch. Oh my goodness, I realise that in my excitement to complete these designs and send them to the photographer, I have forgotten to put the trailing tails at the back on the design at the left!
So, I know exactly what I'll be doing this week! Lucky there are no classes - it's planning week at TAFE.
Right then, I'm off for a wee drinky at the Storey Bridge Hotel with my bearded boy in the fabulous Fred the Studebaker truck!!

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