Wednesday, 26 April 2017

WOW Delivery 2017

This seems like the longest WOW process ever. Oh, hang on, have I ever done three separate entries before? With an extra one thrown in for Wearable Arts Mandurah?!! Errrr, noooo.....
This week marks the farewell of the 3 entries for WOW 2017. My first ever entry in the UV section, themed Float, Fly, Flow. My second entry in Avant Garde - last entered in 2008, my very first year, and my third entry in the WETA Workshop section.
It has been both fortunate and unfortunate that this week I have also unpacked 3 other large entries - one which I haven't been able to face since its rejection, the other which just returned home this week! Both crates are needed to send this years three entries, a new record for me. I know, I know, last year I said I would definitely be having a break this year.... clearly, I am not to be trusted.
The photo-shoot occurred last Friday, with the delightful Angelina of ASIARA Photography behind the lens. We last worked together on a similar shoot featuring leather and feathers also. My sister Kiri was my amazing assistant for the day, giving up most of her day off to be ordered around by me!! She helped me transport the garments, ran out to buy emergency socks, documented the day with the camera and took notes of changes to be made. I wanted to reward her with a nice lunch out, but all she wanted was some sushi!
an 'ooooo'

a 'phew'
and some gigglez!

Heidi and Fleur

Although Angelina and I have worked together before, the rest of the team was new, including model Heidi Sun, makeup artist Fleur Liu, and Angelina's partner, who was quite fabulous. Stepson Liam's girlfriend stepped in to fill Stepson Callum's usual role, in bringing the character piece to life - thanks Ciera!
Massive thanks to all involved, and a special thanks for the many months that my Bunneh has put up with random photos of weird stuff that I am working on late at night asking for approvalz, and the biggest thanks of all to Matt for living with it all!! He really lives it with me, never minding the mess (or is that never vocalising?!), always supporting , surviving design/engineering sessions with me (ahhh, the clash of cultures!!), and this year, even modelling my UV piece for me, and absolutely bringing it to life. I honestly couldn't ask for more.
Today I went to college to sew 3 new bodysuits for my entries, (the black one for the UV section I had bought online was rubbish after all, the one I had made for the WETA entry was very small, then I couldn't decide out of two replacement materials) then down to the shed to finish packing. Realising I had left one last piece at the studio, Matt popped in to pick it up before taking me out to the port for actual drop off, involving the loading of Fred the Studebaker, the very careful drive there, and an hour's wait in the queue, before finally watching it drive off!

As we wave goodbye to this year's progeny, we return home to ask "where the hell am I going to put last year's?"

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  1. You're an amazing lady, Svenja. Keep on being awesome. People love watching creative people awesome all over the place.