Monday, 17 April 2017

Bunnehs in Ballarat 2017 - Part 1

Fibres Ballarat 2017 was a welcome break in the midst of an intense time in life. With Matt's son in hospital, and three WOW entries on the go, this Bunneh was near to breaking. So she was very happy to once again begin the annual SvenJen adventure with a brief stop at the Virgin Lounge before boarding the plane - note - do not go through separate entrance from the Gold Status Bunneh when you are merely a Velocity member.....The giggles began as we reviewed our notes from SvenJen 2013, and continued as I informed Jenelle that we would be catching the 'Busy Beaver Bus' to our hire car..... 

We arrived at our accommodation and followed the brilliantly precise instructions to get to our apartment in the old monastery. Having carefully selected it myself, I was giving myself a large pat on the back, until we opened the entrance door to 3 flights of narrow stairs (42, to be precise). As we lugged our 20kg suitcases up, and I had numerous rest stops, I heard a comment floating down.. "Still congratulating yourself, Bun?!!" However, it was worth it, as a charming oasis lay behind the door, where we chose between the Japanese or the French bedrooms.  

Already failing, I decided I had to keep moving in order to keep going, so we hit the Bridge Street Mall op-shops. Before long, a hangry loomed, so off we trotted to the local Coles, desperately searching for nuts and protein bars, which we ended up scoffing from bags out of the trolley outside!! Anything to stop a hangry!! Back near 'home' we did a few more op-shops, including a successful visit to 'Wozzle's Warehouse"- quite the name for an op shop!!
A kebab sounded like a good option for dinner, although this Bunneh was quite wary of the whole process of ordering one, never actually have done it myself. All the decisions, the choices - it could send a slightly anxious Bunneh over the edge!! After receiving instructions and imagined scenarios the entire way there, I merely needed to tick three boxes on a foil bag to order!! Still, knowledge is never wasted, and now I have the confidence to order a kebab.....
Up just after 6 we were keen to visit our beloved Lake Wendouree, where we were delighted to see our 'No Dancing on the Bridge' or 'Make this shape whilst crossing Bridge' sign, as well as nine fluffy ducklings with their parents - cuteness overload!

 After this we headed off for brunch at Daylesford, and, Googling for noms on the way there, we decided on 'Awkward Jeffery's', which tempted us with both it's name and menu. Here is a particularly happy Bunneh with her scrambled eggs, and an equally delighted Bunneh with her wheaty Belgian Beer!
 Daylesford was a lovely, but obviously weekend town, with many of the antique shops closed. Loved these Bunnehs in a window!
 On the way back home we visited The Amazing Mill Markets, housed in an enormous space - row after row of vintage and antique everythings! Still a very tired Bunneh, I was ready to collapse in the nearest corner, and once in the car, tipped the seat back and had a lovely wee nap before settling in for a two hour nap back at base!!

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