Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Bunnehs in Ballarat 2017 Part 2

Jenelle and Johnnie!
Friday morning was a delightful laze of strolling through the Botanical Gardens, meeting some severed Prime Ministerial heads, the most recent being slightly 'looser' in their representation. The Blonde Bunneh (BB) coooked the Pink Bunneh (PB) some fantastic scrambled eggs (all breakfast supplies left by our wonderful host - so good for a travelling Bunneh!), we watched tv and did some washing, before packing and moving off to Ballarat Grammar School. We checked in, and to our dismay, were not allocated our previous rooms as we thought was agreed! We decided to check out the new ones before chucking a sad, and although up stairs (more stairs!) they were bigger rooms and less people per house, so we thought we'd give it a go. (On reflection, we really missed our old rooms in Woodbridge House, AND the common room, where we could hang out - no such space in Wigan House).
With the Pop-Up market to set up for, I was in a bit of a frenzy, but the BB prepared us some snacks to keep us going - what a treasure!
Pop-up market Bunneh!

Then it was time to meet the tutor and assess the classmates before dinner, where we met up with many familiar faces from previous years. I ventured another try of roast parsnip, much to my regret - nawt doing that again. Ewwwwww!

Unfortunately the pop-up market was not a success for me, quite sad after hauling an entire suitcase of goods down there, although I bought a lovely boutique beer sized stubbie holder from my neighbour!

Two of our favourite ladies - Jeanette and Marianne
 Saturday I woke early, so did not feel total hatred for my room owner when his alarm went off at 6am, although I did take the battery out after that. After a lovely lake walk, we were thrilled to return to a breakfast of boiled eggs, which happened every morning after that - a vast improvement on previous years.
Our class got off to a slow start, with BB losing her mind somewhat at the pace, and the lack of finished pieces to inspire. PB lost her mind somewhat when one well-meaning class member said "Oh, pink's your colour, isn't it?!" and I replied with a dry, "No shit'. There comes a time in every Pink Bunneh's life......
One of my favourite tutor samples.

Class samples of anodised aluminium
MY samples of anodised aluminium - coloured with dye, stamps, and marker pens.
Debriefing. Many sadz
Nawt so sadz... perhaps a little crazeeee....
 We debriefed the day with a drink at the edge of the lake before dinner, then crashed the Woodbridge Common Room for a nostalgic game of pool, which was .... somewhat difficult. There was no black ball, so we nominated a spare red, and the amazing tilt on the table made every shot an absolute mystery. Pool fail - balls do not graviteeeeeee......

The closeness to the wall didn't help, either....
OK, I think that's enough for now, I'm tired, I've been sewing all day - I think there will be another 3 or 4 instalments of this Bunneh Advenchurrr. Stay tuned.

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