Sunday, 23 April 2017

Bunnehs in Ballarat 2017 Part 3

Jenelle and the deceptively norty Alison
Sunday morning, and our lake walk goes only as far as Macca's for coffee due to miserable weather. Instead we have a relaxed morning, enjoy our eggs, and gird our loins for the day ahead. It was my turn to lose my tiny mind, as the long winded instructions continued, further extended by questions from the class which had our eyeballs rotating, along with the dissemination of 'helpful' information. Look, the sharing of potential suppliers is great, but when you're talking about butane - that's right - the gas in the can - you're just wasting my time. Srsly, So, I lost said tiny mind, and I'm afraid it exploded, verbally, and noticeably. But managed to be swept under the carpet. Our wonderful classmate Alison tuned into our wavelength, and after I had put away my awl (potential stabbing implement) offered me some tweezers as a replacement. It took me a moment to realise she was on to us! Jenelle felt absolutely vindicated in her loss of mind the previous day, when I must have had my 'very patient' pants on. There were all sorts of 'helpful' suggestions given to both bunnehs this day....... despite which, there was a reasonable level of satisfaction with the days progress.
Bunneh turns into a lamb!
Bunneh blowtorching!

The evening brought on a torrential storm, so we made our way to the shops for umbrellas and more warmz! The Bunnehs revise the day with a bed picnic of nuts and snowpea chips, which Jenelle declares to be a very good picnic, as all food is within arms reach!
Munted brolly
The dash to 'Cocktail Night' with the new umbrella proved to be most comical, with the umbrella turning inside out! The leaving of the dining hall was even more ridiculous, with Glenys Mann shouting out 'Bloody Queenslanders' as we squealed our way out of there in the cold, wind, and rain, managing to completely munt the umbrella in the process!

The next morning we awake to sideways wind and rain, and this Bunneh says a giant nope to the morning walk, whilst the weather tolerant one goes out, returning with a coffee for the weather-wary. Class goes well, with work beginning on titanium cuffs - so well that we - amazingly - return in our free afternoon to do a little more work before we each receive a massage from Magic Morgana.
After this, we got some more picnic supplies, and the common-room-less Bunnehs crash the Hayhoe one. I set myself up on the floor as I often do at home, and, as I also often do at home, spill my drink all over the floor. I settle into a giant moose as a kind of a bean bag to write the daily notes.

Tuesday morning brought disappointment with the weather, and 2 rounds of coffee were required for this Bunneh, as 'This face needs more cawfee!!"

'This face needs more cawfee".
Once in class, Alison provided more levity, wielding the umbrella we had picked up for her, declaring it was 'The Umbrella of Power'. Jacqui also provided fits of giggles, declaring that the noise of sawing through the titanium sheet sounded like a Frenchman saying, "Ohh hoa hoa hoaaa!!"
On this particular day I managed a few injuries, firstly slicing some fingertips open when attempting to drill small aluminium discs in the drill press (I know better than that) and then giving my thumb pad an almighty whack with a very large hammer. Running from the room to get ice, I alarmed the tutor who asked if everything was alright, and I said, "Yeeeees, I just need to get some ice..." 
Despite the injuries, it was a pretty successful day - I finally braved the titanium anodising process, and was very happy with the results.
We chillaxed in the not so chill, but rather toasty Woodbridge common room, where we returned after dinner to spill another glass of bubbles on the floor... just evening things up....

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