Monday, 24 April 2017

Bunnehs in Ballarat 2017 Part 4

Last morning, off to class!
Wary after the previous mornings' weather, the Bunnehs step outside Wigan House, and the Blonde Bunneh declares "Oooh, that's better!" whilst the Pink Bunneh whimpers, shivers, and clings to the wall..... BB looks after PB and we walk around the lake with the wind behind us! Exactly one hour later we return to eggy goodness, and our last day in the classroom, with many projects to finish off, and scraps to use up. After a solid days work, we pack up (in 15 minutes - beats a felt making workshop hands down!!) and deliver our works to the display, quickly buggering off and leaving others to set up - well, it's not going to take 12 of us, is it?!! We get most of our packing done before dinner...
The last night is the formal dinner, which turns out to be some rather excellent grilled salmon or chicken. Hurrah! As we had not used our Cocktail Night outfits, we were able to dress up in these, and join our glamorous classmates at the class dinner table.

Classmates Jacqui and Alison
They did a great job of the display! And yes, giant pink earmuffs were worn most days - I am a QLD Bunneh!!
 After dinner, the fundraising auction was held - the amount of items (70+!) made it a drawn out affair, and thank goodness BB came up with some cash for a bottle of wine to help us through it!! We finally made it to the class displays, where we saw the results of Jeanette's encaustic workshop, as well as the work of new friend Julia Sant-Mire from the artists book workshop. She was sweet enough to gift me one of her works, which I have since placed on the wall with a kimono I brought back from Japan last year.
Julia Sant-Mire's artist book and my kimono
Artist's book workshop display

The Bunnehs and Jeanette, whom we met on our very first Bunneh Advenchurrr at Grampians Texture!!
Our final day starts with BB saying "Going home day. Good!" It's not that she doesn't enjoy the time, but after a week she just misses the real world. Me, nawt so much...! We had a busy morning of  emptying our rooms, grabbing coffee, then brekky at the dining hall before making a quick getaway. Unfortunately, we relied on my GPS system to get us to the car hire drop-off, a system which has a bad history, which was further solidified as she led us to the wilds of Essendon before saying "GPS signal lost". Well, thanks!! Luckily we had already realised we were off course, and successfully got back on track to drop off the car, and get on the Busy Beaver Bus, which gave us a smooth run to the airport, where the Bunnehs boarded the flight back home to reality. Where we will head in 2018 remains unknown, but greatly anticipated!

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