Saturday, 1 April 2017

Where did March go? I missed it?!

Goodness - it's been a whole month since I last posted! That is a bit unusual for me! It has been an incredibly busy time as I work towards the WOW deadline. We're getting to the pointy end now! The photoshoot has been booked with the fabulous Asiara Photography, which I am both looking forward to and dreading. It's always a really tough day for me as I see my garment on a human being for the first time, and swing from the highs of 'Wow, that looks amazing' to the lows of 'hmmmm, that doesn't quite work', and 'oh shit, that needs more support there', all whilst being in the presence of OTHER PEOPLE and trying to behave remotely like one myself! This is the inspiration board for the avant garde piece being shot, which, although covered in feathers and metallic paint, has just let me know that it's lacking in glitz, so the sequin and bead tray has come out, and I suspect the fingertips will get another bashing.....

So I am in the final days of construction, as I need to have it all largely finished before.... (drum roll, please.....) the annual Bunneh Advenchurrz begin next week!!! You have been warned. There will be much silliness seen on Facebook in the next 10 days, and I make no apologies for that. Here is an example - one of our on-plane selfies, with ears....
It will all make its glorious way here on our return! This year, we travel to Fibres Ballarat, where we will enjoy some fabulous op-shopping, and two days in a glorious apartment, before we move into digs at Ballarat Grammar (same rooms as previous!!) and commence our class in 'An introduction to coloured anodised aluminium and titanium jewellery' with Meghan O'Rourke
We are pleased to be taking a break from felting, and the vast amount of supplies we usually have to bring down, but I then decided to participate in the market night, so will be filling an extra suitcase with all my scarves, camisoles, and felted wraps. Lucky I know a Platinum Level Travel Bunneh..... here I am with wares at the Grampians Textures markets last year.

My entry for Wearable Art Mandurah was shipped off, and after a nervous wait, I have confirmed it has arrived. I haven't heard of its condition yet!! I bought a suitcase at the op-shop and plastic wrapped it - the last time I sent off a wearable art work in a suitcase was for my first WOW entry in 2008!!
The digital design work for TAFE bubbles along, and my Fighting Fish design has had a new incarnation. I really enjoyed painting these, and love the vibrant colour. TAFE work has really taken a back seat in the last few weeks, but once the WOW gear is shipped off, will become my life for the month of May, before out trip to China, then graduation on return!

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