Saturday, 27 December 2014

Goodbye New York

I arose at 8, and left soon after, leaving Jo to sleep as requested. I had thought I might get a subway somewhere, as I still had funds on my metro pass,, but then remembered that I wanted to walk down Broadway, Sixth Avenue, The Avenue of the Americas. Cafe Martinique was open for breakfast, but their menu did not appeal, so I kept going, and crossed Greeley Square to find the Harold. Perfect. I was seated at a high table and had a view across to the park and the subway entrance. It was here, on my last morning, that I found a real coffee - a giant cup of it!  The lovely waitstaff kept trying to take my order for breakfast, but I was in no hurry, and seriously needed to digest this fine coffee.

Eventually I ordered the Eggs Benedict with Lobster - sublime!! I then continued down Broadway, stopping in at a few dress shops, and then finding myself at M&J Trimming - one that was on my list. Wow. What I would do to have this kind of resource at my doorstep. Phenomenal. The area was full of bead and jewellery shops but again, like the handbag shops, were wholesale only.??!! I ended back up at Bryant Park Markets, saw people ice-skating, and found the lovely leaf jewellery store again, but decided I had already  bought all I needed from them, and, it now nearing midday, headed towards home for the last time. I visited Victoria's Secret on the way home, largely attracted by the beautiful wings, but absolutely loved their wares.  So then it was shower time, the final pack, and some time hanging out in the lobby.

Dear Chen picked us up again, and delivered us to the airport. We checked in straight away, and went through Customs. Well, some of us did. I failed to clear the scan again (what is in me?!) and then the chick swabbed my cast - fail. So it was standing to the side again, watching my luggage bank up on the conveyor, not knowing what was going on. I was happier once they gathered that up, then took me to  bench where they examined my belongings, with me watching over a screen, being told not to touch anything. Awesome. Then came the search. Having been through this before, I knew what I was in for, and just wanted it over - no need for a private room, just do it.  Done.  We had a little time to kill, so I went and had a sandwich and some beer. Turned out to be an hour longer than I thought. Back for another drink. Having been so well behaved on the way there, I was no longer playing nice, and decided to drink my way home.  I watched My Week with Marilyn, Black Swan (disturbing) The Iron Lady, Skyfall and ohh, I don't know what else. Who cares, it got me home!! And here I am, back to real life in the Studio, with many, many projects looming.
I'll leave you with a bonus shoe shot, of one of the pairs I bought on my first day in New York, already so long ago now!

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