Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Matt gets waisted...

The New Year has brought a comforting return to routine and normality for the recent traveller. After some serious blobbing over the festive season, involving lots of design sketching in front of many a Midsomer Murder, it has been invigorating to return to work in the studio. I spent the first few days of the New Year working on the latest version of the WoW entry for 2015. I had already spent several months at the end of 2014 working on an EPIC entry for the South Pacific section, only to find when I logged on to enter in December, that I hadn't read the description correctly, and the section was actually themed Red, White and Black. Oh dear. Ok, so I've wrapped that all up in plastic and hung it from the studio roof for now - it's just on hold until next year, as I think it's got some merit, not to mention the months I have already invested in it. I've investigated my other options, and have come up with some other ideas...
Last year, on one of my textile odysseys to the Sunshine Coast, Matt and I bought a variety of materials to make waistcoats for him, so I took advantage of the temporary lull in activities to do this - before I got consumed by WoW activities! I am pleased to show you the results of these efforts - I am particularly proud of the welt pockets, which quite tested me. I also think that the waistcoats are very flattering!! Only one of these is from the recent purchase - the pink jacquard I have had interfaced for several years in readiness.

By the way, in the background there is the photo from our Handfasting Ceremony 11 years ago. Tomorrow marks our 12 years together - amazingly just remembered in time today!!

In my travels this week, I came across this beautiful silk dress at the local op-shop. Unfortunately it is a size 1, which I will never fit, but I just had to have it. Whether I dye it and sell it, or give it to my uber-gawdjuss sister to wear, I'm not sure yet. She'd make a great bridesmaid in it........
Indeed hmmm, you never know what might happen this year..
Best Wishes to you all for a very creative 2015! I'm sure I will meet up with many 'friends I haven't yet met' as I tour the country - further details soon. A reminder though to any Australian groups that may want to catch up - get in touch now to access my schedule!! Looking forward to yet another amazing year, and best to all of you,

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