Saturday, 27 December 2014

New York Part 8

With our FIT days over, the fashion explorations continued, starting with a visit to Dover Street Markets. Being uber cool, it didn't open until 11am, but we were happy to get breakfast first, and found an awesome diner, where Jo and I got to sit at the counter! The largely Mexican staff were fantastic, the coffee was good, and I had a cheese omelette on rye - yum! Dover St was visually stunning, and was again one that I normally would not have been brave enough to go in to alone. We went straight to the top floor with the idea of working our way down the seven levels. For the first time in my life I saw Comme des Garconnes garments in the flesh - and they were amazing!! I first heard of the label when I was studying Art History at the University of Queensland, and thought it was all a bit of &%$*, you know, deconstruction for the sake of
being different etc. What I saw though, were fabulously interesting garments that I really appreciated! Whilst in this space, I had a good chat with Marg about some fashion design techniques from Bunka, where numbers and letters are used as the basis for design - can't wait to check that out!

Delicious leather jacket!
Neoprene was definitely noted as a fabric of interest

More Kale in footpath gardens...

A decorative pillar on the ground floor


We caught the subway to Central Park - oh the squirrels! Oh the bitter cold!! The winter landscape was fascinating for me, coming from the land of the eternal summer where maybe one tree is deciduous.

There were bullrushes, soft grasses - all juxtaposed with a bright blue sky and skyscrapers - and horse carriages too! After a good walk around - we actually covered quite a bit of this very large park - it was off to the Guggenheim. I snapped a person wearing this awesome backpack on the way in - turns

out it came from the Guggenheim store, and I am now the proud owner of one! The current exhibition was 'Zero', and was fabulous - again, another surprise for me. It was of quite bizarre50's-60's tactile art pieces, which for once didn't cry 'contrived' at me, but genuinely interested and intrigued me, and I enjoyed the experience immensely. It was a post WWII art movement which I was completely unaware of.We stopped off at Bloomingdales on the way home, which was absolutely enormous. Of course, I managed to find the show section!
We went to the subway to go home, but our train wasn't running, so we had to catch one to Grand Central, catch the shuttle to Times Square, and finally catch one to Penn Station - seemed like an age. Pantene had a wonderful display of fashion sketches in the subway, which  of course, drew our attention!

Dinner was a stop off at  Asian Goodyland for the now ubiquitous something-a-rita, and this time, some noms from their extensive buffet. Not a pretty sight, so no photo for you, but it did the job!

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