Saturday, 27 December 2014

New York Part 5

The weather report promised rain, and we got it - time for the leather hat! As we walked down to FIT, we passed African men selling "UMbrellaUMbrellaUMbrella" - quite the chant! I didn't have one, but felt it was not worth the hassle - it was hard enough avoiding getting poked in the eye by everyone elses, and over the course of the day I witnessed many hilarious struggles with inside out umbrellas! The streets were littered with them in the evening....
We started off at FIT with Kathlin, before a fire alarm sent us out onto the streets - guess it was time to go shopping! 

Kale was a very popular decorative plant at many residences, in window boxes and at the base of street trees.
Today's focus was high-end retail. First stop was Story,  a shop that entirely changes theme every few months. We were heading for the Meatpacking District to visit Jeffrey  - one of the first shops to move into the area post meatpacking days. It was a very luxurious shop - one I normally would not have felt comfortable going into - ahhh, the security of the group tour!! Diane Von Furstenberg was next, then All Saints. This was a great shop - visually stunning with sewing machines and equipment as decoration and display furniture, the fashions were quirky enough to interest me. I really enjoyed wandering through and discovering the interesting little details on pieces.

 Lunch was at The Diner, with a goats cheese and chicken quesadilla and a Sangria - yum!


From here we headed to Bleeker very high-end shops. Lulu Guinness - amazing lip and lipstick shaped handbags. Ralph Lauren - beautifully presented, it felt like stepping into the 1880's. I loved the fake ice on their windows!! Again though, many of the shops were of little interest to me, so I enjoyed playing outside in the street!
Street to visit some, 

We trotted through Greenwich Village and Soho
before ending up at Opening Ceremony, a supposedly fabulous shop - meh! It exemplified something I noticed in many of the shops - a strange, disparate set up that really made no visual sense to me. It had been a very big day, so it was home on the subway and a dinner of Lime-a-rita before bed!
Interesting shop sculpture!
Time flies when you're having rum!!

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