Saturday, 27 December 2014

New York Part 6

Might have drunk a bottle of wine last night in effort to sleep through the night, not feeling too crash hot this morning! Not even a
breakfast of eggs, 'sausage' and toast could pick me up - and where was the sauce?!! Class at FIT was with Camille Black, but I was a bit snoozy, and greatly envied the student asleep on the couch in the hallway! At lunchtime we visited the nearby art shop, where I picked up some of my favourite Jacquard Pearlex paint powders at great prices.

Back at FIT we were shown the amazing library resources, and greatly enjoyed the exhibition of fashion sketches decorating the wall on the way up! The afternoon picked up as we headed down in the FIT museum, and got to manhandle some fabulous garments. I really got quite excited at some of the beautiful details.

Camille Block in the FIT musuem

Lady Gaga ballet shoes

We finished off the day visiting the current FIT exhibitions - Dance and Fashion, and Faking It. Such a shame we couldn't take photos! I have managed to find a photo of these babies online, which I got to see in the flesh!
As we left FIT to find the nearby Dick Blick's (art supply shop) it was snowing!!So magical!! We looked like complete idiots walking along with our tongues out to catch snowflakes, but it had to be done!
Snow sprinkles!!
Marg celebrates the snow build up!

I picked up a nice pack of markers for fashion illustration, and we headed home - somehow it seemed even colder now, and cold wet snowflakes in the eye weren't quite so charming! It was a slice of cheese pizza for dinner as I added extra layers for our trip to Times Square. We walked up Broadway, excitement rising as the lights got closer.

It was quite a spectacle, and the falling snow added a magical touch to what is essentially a monument to consumerism. Jo and I did a little shopping on the way home, and I picked up my fabulous Times Square leggings, and then found these magnificent rainbow shoes to match! What a trial it is, trying on shoes when you are wearing so many layers, you can hardly bend in half to reach your foot!

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