Saturday, 27 December 2014

New York Part 7

We slept! We slept!! I was up at 7:30 to get a little washing done and tidy the bomb site that was our room. Too tired to call Matt last night, he called me before he was about to go to bed, as I was on my way downstairs to get a coffee and cheese croissant. Not quite what I expected - it was filled with cream cheese!! Our guide from FIT today was Emma Sosa, who was to take us on a vintage shopping tour. Well, if it wasn't Svenja's day! Queen of the op-shop find at home, it was no different in New York. I made a purchase at almost every shop! My first find was these lime green and purple lattice shoes for $9, then a beautifully soft faux fur shrug. I bought this with my sister in mind, but later when I tried it on and it fit me...... sorry sis!!

Next stop, some funky embellished leggings for $10, new, and then on to The Thrifty Hog. This was quite a high end second hand shop, and here I found a reversible leather jacket, metallic on one side, black the other. It was quite pricey, but I decided to try it on, just to see, and proceeded to decorate my companions with all of my layers. It fit perfectly, and I said, "well, I'll know as soon as I look in the mirror"... damn. It was good. Then the shop assistant said it was also 20% off... Sold!

For lunch we visited Eataly, which was a foodies paradise. Look at the mushrooms! Look at the cheese counter!! 

I ordered a sopressa and provolone panini (more like a baguette) which was very rich and delicious - the remainder went in my backpack for dinner!

My final purchase for the day was at Reminiscence - a pair of buckled, purple suede booties. Not everyone had as good a time as I did - some preferred the high end shopping experience more. Ah well, the joys of group travels!

I'm not sure which shop these amazing light fixtures were in - beautiful and very effective sprays of white plastic buttons!

I spent the evening revelling in my goodies, and had just taken the leather jacket off when there was a knock at our door at 10:30. It was Suze and Marg, doing a physical headcount of us all, as they had heard that an Australian student had been hit by a cab in Sixth avenue - we were on Seventh! All safely accounted for, much to their relief!


  1. I hope the dear student is okay. But, Svenja I just want to say I LOVE this NY Travel diary!!! I have to back over reread your experiences.
    Seriously, how great are those shoes??? Made for you, and on the other side of the world! Xx

  2. Yes, me too - I looked but couldn't find any further info! The shoes - I know!! Had a blast - much to my surprise! Svenja is grown up now, and can cope with travel!! Yahoooo! Best wishes for 2015 Flora! X