Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Ombré dyeing

This is a wee process I have had to play with for my folder of textile processes for college. It's something I've always wanted to do, and I consider the results of today to be quite successful!
 Thanks to some great instructions from Dharma Trading Company, it was pretty simple. I went with the option of  leaving the top of the silk scarf white, and doing the lightest dye first. I used a pool noodle to suspend the fabric as I was able to easily pin the scarf to it. I was also able to pin a stocking to each end and vary the height of suspension from the roof as I dyed each layer.
 There was a little uneveness in some layers where I should have moved the fabric around more in the pot, but overall I'm calling this a win.
 Below is a nuno felted dress I made last week, encorporating the Wendy Makin lace scraps, some techniques from last years workshop with Vilte, and techniques from the recent Pam de Groot workshop. Well, largely, I remembered something Pam said at the end of the felting process that would have really helped, but at least I had the thought at all! I plan to use a ribbon to gather and tie the high halter neck. With the large wrap I recently made with the same materials, I think it would make a lovely bridal outfit! Perhaps I'll revive my poor neglected Etsy shop and put it in there!

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  1. your beautiful colours. I'm following too...cheers m