Wednesday, 4 September 2013

3 weeks until the annual pilgrimage!

Yes, for the first time, the amount of time between getting accepted into the World of WearableArt and actually going there seems to have just flown! Normally it feels like people are asking me for endless months when I'll be going over - not so this time! 3 weeks to go and I still haven't made my outfit. Well, actually, nothing new there! I finally decided what I'd like to make on the weekend - I took my sketchbook across the road to the American Embassy for their 'cook-out' of delightful smoked meats, where I'm sure the Apple Pie Moonshine helped my creative juices! - and planned to get started this week. Uh-uhhhh. Monday morning, JUST as I was headed down to StudioSvenja to get started, I got the call that Girl Friday was ill, and I needed to go to work. Bum!! Tuesday fared no better, as plans again got foiled on hearing that Girl Friday was worse and in hospital! Bum again, and obviously Major Bum for Girl Friday! Best Wishes to Trish and hope you get better soon!
I had a Design exam today at TAFE, and was glad I managed to fit in some revision last night and this morning, as I was scribbling constantly for the half hour of the exam. My first exam in many years, it was quite exhilarating! I was disappointed that so many aspects seemed to be neglected whilst others where repeated, but call me sick - I enjoyed it! After handing in two lots of assessment which took me all weekend to complete, it was off to West End to lunch with Maman! After some wonderful Noms at Lock 'n' Load, and some delightful shopping at Dandelyon, it was finally time to get into the studio! Playing with left over pieces from the actual WoW designs, some paper for patternmaking, and building on some previous bodice moulding, I think I've just about come up with what I want. Here's a teaser shot in the mirror (left) - it's already moved on a lot from here!
I plan to wear this piece over a one-sleeved metallic jersey dress in the style of one of my entry garments. I should have more to show you very soon!
Mishka loves it when I work with leather, as it require soaking in water. As a cat with a major fetish for water, he thinks this is an awesome process!

I recently acquired a new addition to the studio - a knock on the side of the house turned out to be my neighbour asking me if I wanted a drawing table before he left it out on the kerb. Errrrr, YES!!!! And here it is! Oh my!!
Thank you Rick! I've always wanted one! It was lovingly installed in the (er-hem) rather crowded looking studio this week. Boys, leaving your room right beside my studio anytime soon....?!!
Wow, StudioSvenja just keeps evolving. It's a beautiful space, and can I just say again how much I love being surrounded by my stuff?!!Blessed am I.
Speaking of blessed, here is one of my fellow op-shoppers at the Annerley strip last weekend.
Hallelujah, brothers! Although I was there only as a consultant, I was however the most successful shopper of the day coming home with a lurid sequin skirt - yeh!!

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