Monday, 26 August 2013

Another week, another weekend, and hurtling through another week again! It has been a weekend of treasures. From picking up some marvelous screens on behalf of my mother, at a most beautiful apartment at Wellington Point (wish I had taken my camera - the most beautiful outlook onto a gorgeous cove, a divine terraced garden leading down onto a mangroved beach with gentle lapping waves - a kind of Paradise!) to scoring an amazing drafting table from my next door neighbour (I have always wanted one - great for the fashion sketching now!), it was a most successful few days. In a way. It was, however, not one of my better weekends of personal achievement! I had a lot of tasks to do, including preparing a lot of assessment work for TAFE, of which I did NOT do! Instead, I helped Maman with the aforementioned tasks, then spent the afternoon chilling with Jenelle aka Janine, when we decided it would be an awesome idea to go to the FibreArts Australia Winter Felt School in Ballarat in July next year - brrrrr!! Check out the link for some great available workshops! Yes, it's going to be a lot of hard work, in possibly below 0 temperatures- felting workshops are always pretty hardcore - couldn't we just do some dyeing?!! But we are going to be making fabulous garments with Tatiana Shervada, nuno felting with jersey, and using shibori techniques! Delicious, no?!!
This time I hope to be an actual travel companion for 'Janine' (and I'm Sonya - we are both victims of name buggerisation!), not one passed out and in danger of throwing up at any minute (see last years blog!!)! 
Saturday I enjoyed an impromptu deck party with  Jenelle and Sarah, then spent an enjoyable evening on my own, ending up watching RAGE until 3am! This meant I slept in until after 11am on Sunday- OMG, unHEARD of!! However, the weekend has been an emotional turning point for me as I finally admitted to myself that I had been made a fool of by someone I had thought was genuine and real. I let my passion for art be manipulated. This realisation has taken some time to come to terms with, because I think I am a reasonably naive and trusting person who believes the best of others. More fool me. I always want to believe the best. Back to the cave – it’s just not safe to come out into this world.
So, my emotions have copped something of a beating, but are sustained and revived by the unending faith and devotion of Matt, the amazing rock of my life. His support is all I need to succeed in this life. And I will.

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