Friday, 9 August 2013

Hakaturi World of WearableArt™ Media Release

Beyon Chrysalis

Local textile artist Svenja, of Hawthorne, is one of eight Australian designers to be selected for this year’s prestigious Brancott Estate World of WearableArt™ (WOW) Awards Show in Wellington, New Zealand. Her entry Hakaturi is entered in the Air New Zealand South Pacific section.
The WOW Awards competition this year is extra-special because it marks WOW’s 25th anniversary. The proportion of entries from around the world and from within New Zealand has almost reached a perfect half-and-half, with 45 per cent having come from 15 countries around the globe. Of 370 entries, 220 were pre-selected, with the final number of entries reduced in a second round of judging to 160. These garments will compete for 39 prizes, over seven different categories, and a share of $165,000 in prize money.
This is Svenja’s fifth year as a finalist, and marks the first time she has created a three piece entry. The bodices, headpieces and staffs of Hakaturi have been moulded in leather, then dyed and painted. This is also the first time the designer has worked with the material, and she describes the process as “absolutely fascinating. I played with cutting out flat shapes from leather, wetting them and moulding them, and it’s just extraordinary what you can do!”
Euphony Iridacaea
Her first entry, Beyond Chyrsalis,  was accepted in the 2008 Avant Garde section, won the Supreme Award at Fashion Fantasia held in Hobart, Tasmania in 2009, and was purchased for their collection. BioLumina won International Runner Up at the 2010 World of WearableArt, was bought by the WoW Trust for the collection, and was featured on Air New Zealand advertising campaigns throughout New Zealand and within the airline, as well as being used as the ‘hero’ design on all street banners and venue decoration in 2012. Her 2011 entry, Fimbria Figura, was on display throughout the 2012 show season at the Intercontinental Hotel, Wellington.
Fimbria Figura
Euphony Iridacaea was a finalist last year in the Visual Symphony Gen-I Creative Excellence section for 2012, which had music composed especially to highlight the sound-making garments. This entry conjured up a vision of delicate iris petals morphed with a gilded harp to become a Musical Iris Goddess -  part gleaming, metallic, musical creature and part ethereal, exotic flower. Fibreglass petals were moulded, textured, painted, gilded, and strung with music wire, with four separate petals available to be played by picking or strumming.
The WOW® Show season opens on Thursday, September 26 and the winners are announced at the Awards Night on Friday, September 27.
Where:    TSB Bank Arena, Wellington New Zealand
When:     26th September – 6th October 2013

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