Sunday, 11 August 2013

2 galleries and a quiet weekend

It has been a beautiful weekend in Brisbane - blue skies and warm weather. After the usual domestic duties on Saturday morning, we spent the afternoon at Gallery 159 for the opening of a beautiful exhibition by artist and art educator Patena Moesker. I enjoyed her opening speech, during which she showed the audience the tools she uses to create her work - a lovely touch, I thought.
Abstracts from the Negative: This exhibition focuses on the negative and positive spaces found within the environment which can be used as a design source. Batik with stitch is the medium, combining wax with natural and synthetic dyes.

Janet and Patena
The opening was combined with barman Peter Wojciechowski's birthday celebrations. As I admitted to him at the time, life isn't fair, as Janet got a present instead of him! I presented her with my 'Hedonista' hat above, as a thankyou for opening StudioSvenja. It was a most enjoyable afternoon, and a chance to catch up with some of my favourite ladies who were unable to make it to the StudioSvenja opening, such as Phillipa Rooke and Cathy Moon.
Sunday morning it was off to the Caboolture markets, then on to see the QLD Spinners and Weavers exhibition at the Bribie Arts Centre. 


Look - it's a Lili Haas spectacular of eco-dyeing - just beautiful work! The camera does not do the wonderful colours justice.
I thought this piece was beautifully striking.
A lovely piece by Wendy Bailye

The Bribie Island artspace is amazing - I wish we had something like this in our neighbourhood. Sometimes I get a bit jealous about the funding that regional areas get - I live very close to the city but feel distinctly disadvantaged when it comes to these things!
My own artistic endeavours only went as far as tidying the studio, doing a bit of leather moulding, preparing my portfolio for my design subject at TAFE, some fashion sketching practice and some work on my dress from Pam de Groots' workshop.
'twas a blissfully relaxed weekend.

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