Tuesday, 6 August 2013

StudioSvenja Opening!!

On the 27th July, the wonderful Janet de Boer O.A.M cut the pink ribbon across my studio door to officially open it. She arrived in style in the 1941 Buick 'Wendy-Jo', driven by Matt.

Matt the chauffeur with Janet
I am very grateful to her, and to all those who came to celebrate, but particularly to my dear Matt for building the beast! Here are a few progress shots from along the way....
The beginning! This was where I used to hang the washing!

I would also like to thank the magnificent Callum and Liam Pettigrew for their bar tending services on the night, and my mother Jacqueline for womaning the kitchen on the night, and geez, for putting up with me all these years!
Schweppervescence? A particularly good year, my fellow!!
Me, very excited, Lyn Baxter, Sharyn Hall and Jacqueline.

With sister Kiri and Mr Max, and Trish, the lovely lady who has freed me from the office! Myself and Janet de Boer O.A.M enjoying drinks on the back deck.
Janet sees the revamped wet studio and loves it!
Talking to Chris Twine and Robyn Smallhorn, my fabulous TAFE teachers.

Not the most glamorous of entrances, but beyond......
The wet studio decorated for the night
Enjoying catching up with Sharyn Hall

It was a hugely enjoyable night, and a wonderful start to this new era in my life. Thank you all for helping me celebrate.

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