Thursday, 2 April 2015

Reverse Garbage Giggles

Yesterday Jacqueline and I set off to the Art Shed in West End to pick up some printing inks for her monoprinting, and some watercolour paper for my forthcoming eco-dyeing workshop in the Blue Mountains. Not only did we exit with those items, but also some liquid latex and iridescent cellophane (right) - well - they were half price! No, I don't exactly know what I am going to do with them, but I am experienced enough now to know that they are worthy additions to my stash of materials!
Next stop was the main area of West End, where I very nearly allowed myself to buy a beautiful leadlight standard lamp, but somehow managed to restrain myself, then it was on to Lock 'n' Load for a yummy lunch, which just may have involved cheese. On the way home we visited Officeworks - well, there was a park right outside - I had to stop! Here I picked up  my Paypal machine which means I can accept credit card payments for all my luscious goodies I will have available on my Australian Tour. I now just have to learn how to work it!
Then it was on to our beloved Reverse Garbage, which appeared to be over-run with these lovely ribbed-cloth covered mannequins (left) , mostly female, but the odd male and child. Fashion students of TAFE - you might be interested - $45-$50 each. (There are about three times as many as in this photo).
As usual, there were a few interesting
products, as well as the signs accompanying them. This one was gold - some visceral looking plastic labelled 'Spru Poo' and, 'What can you see in the Spru'!! (right) Another box of little felt discs was called 'Wee Lickle Foam Dots'! This tragic 'Chick Family' on the wall didn't seem to relate to anything.... I couldn't even see any more of them!
The house is currently swamped in both WOW and Australian tour gear, as I trudge through the labelling and packing process for both. My latest gift from Matt, an LED headlight, is an absolute boon as I finalise linings and labels inside tricky items like headpieces and shoes - I hardly want to take it off! Why did I not have one before?!! Everywhere I look there is light, just where I need it!!

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