Monday, 20 April 2015

Cirque du Soleil, more eco-dyeing, and packing for Perth.

Having returned from the SvenJen adventure on Thursday, we were together again on Saturday to enjoy the inspirational Cirque du Soleil. Having worn sensible shoes/boots for the last week, I was eager to get in to some tizzy killer heels. Slight mistake, as the walk from the restaurant at Portside to the Grand Chapiteau was 1.5km. On a lot of dirt paths. And lumpy road. I wore through my heels and got blisters. Oh well - at least my feet looked fab! Cirque was fabulous, having me gasping and clasping hands many a time - at the acts themselves - not just the costumes!! These however, did not disappoint, and I think I nearly overdosed on the amount of bling - spectacular!! Check out this blog here for a wonderful behind the scenes and up-close look at them.
Sunday was scheduled for this year's WOW shoot, which got reconvened to one of Matt's sheds due to a bad weather forecast. I was pretty relaxed about it, until it started to happen. As usual, there are always a few issues as the pieces fit on to a human body, and there were enough issues to start to stress me out. As soon as Chantal starting shooting though, I felt a whole lot better, as they began to look rather marvellous through the magic of her lens! Of course, you know I can't post photos until October, so for now, a big thank you to Chantal, Callum & Liam Pettigrew, Rose Haynes, and of course, the man who without none of this would happen, Matt Pettigrew! Mwuaaah!!
Before the shoot I had put a few eco-dyed scarves on to simmer, and really enjoyed opening these delicious bundles up when I got home.
Matt also earns major kudos for his work in preparing me for my Australian tour, in making bases for my inflatable mannequins, a rail in my travelling cage for my garments to hang on, and all sorts of things which took most of his Sunday! He also organised some of his staff to take my cage down to his shed, where I spent several hours this afternoon fitting everything in. Done!! On Wednesday I leave for Hervey Bay, where I am to teach my Precious Fragment Wrap workshop, returning Saturday. Sunday will be spent packing and making notes for the WOW shipment, due at the wharf Monday morning. I am really looking forward to drawing breath at that stage - update you then!!

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  1. You are fabulous. I eagerly wanted to see your feet in a pair of the New York heels!!! Never mind. Enjoy your workshops. Would love to be a student of yours one day - think I have leave next semester...must book in. Xx