Saturday, 25 October 2014

October has turned out to be a very eventful month. Sadly, most of that has not been good. Usually an excellent month due to Princess Day (my birthday) it has unfortunately been quite miserable. Some fun was had on the day, as I enjoyed lunch and pressies with my mother and sister, and returned home to hear that there was a record attempt across the road at the park for the amount of faeries wearing wings in one place. Well, Matt and I couldn't get the wings on fast enough, and grabbing a glass of bubbles we were off! Sadly it was poorly attended - mind you, we didn't even know about it until right before it!
Saturday got off to a pleasant start with a bottle of Moet, which had absolutely nothing to do with what happened next.....
Let's just say I won't be volunteering as Matt's workshop assistant again any time soon, as this escapade ended with me being catapulted up into the air, then down, down, onto the concrete slab and gravel. I have never hit my head so hard - luckily it landed on the gravel - and it still hurts now. My entire left side is battered and bruised, and after CT scans on Thursday it has been established that my head is fine (anatomically, my Doctor hastened to add, funny man) but my wrist has been fractured. I find out next week whether this will require a cast, surgery, or just a splint.
During this weekend our dear Mishka had been in hospital, and after having a blood transfusion, we hoped he would be on the mend. Sadly, this was not to be, and on Monday we brought our little man home for the last time. Our grief is enormous, as he has always been a part of our lives together, and was such a special cat. He takes a large piece of each of our hearts with him.
Since then, life has been quiet as we come to terms with our loss, and as I recover from my injuries. It has taken a week for my head to stop hurting, but at least my right hand has functioned throughout. This has enabled me to get some good design work done, both on my assignment for college, and on next year's WOW entry. I know, I know, I keep saying I'll have a break, but I've come up with something rather fabulous, I think! I'm going to miss my furry little studio assistant, who always had to be a part of everything..... He was always there to stick his tongue in something, jump in that box, sniff my drink, or just cover everything in hair.  Vale, special boy, you are already greatly missed.


  1. Oh Mish, our darling, just can't believe you've gone...xxxx

  2. Dear Svenja
    Sorry to read this! What a recount of some ups and downs. Mishap looks like a lovely character of a feline. Very hard to lose a pet. Hope you have recovered from the catapult incident!!!
    That fairy gathering was Kizmet. Wish more fairies knew, too. Xx