Wednesday, 5 November 2014

End of Term 2014

In just under one month, I'll be heading for New York! Good job my thermals just today arrived from China - they're quite lovely, and they fit!!! Always a worry with Asian manufactured goods for those of us with tall legs! With college wrapping up over the next few weeks, it won't seem long until we board that plane - gulp!! It still seems totally unreal for now though, and frankly, I'm happy to keep it that way! Some good news today about the journey - I hear we are allowed two suitcases! I have been fretting about how to bring home the shopping, as I'm sure I'll see all sorts of textile goodies that I will need to bring home, and the cost of freighting options was really scaring me.....
The good ol' "Blueberry" & Co. from my Studio class last term enjoyed a brief stay in the display cabinet at TAFE (above) before being shipped off to participate in the Westpac Fairholme Fashion Week catwalk competition in Toowoomba. It sounds as though this inaugural competition was successful, and apparently they have big plans for next year. With decent cash prizes from their sponsor, it may well be one to watch!
Here they are collecting their prize on the runway at Calliope Catwalk (left) in August this year. Well done, models!

Studies at TAFE this term have largely revolved around design work, with fashion sketching by hand, as well as in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, and life drawing too -always a challenge! The exploration of these skills culminates in a presentation in 2 weeks of our final design board, and our process in creating it. Although I am not overly thrilled with my outcome, I don't have time to change it now, and recognise how very much I have learnt through this process - and can't wait to do it all again on the next project!! I'll have to start work on another one soon - if I don't use these programmes for a couple of weeks I forget how to! Perhaps I should do my WOW design? I also have to design the artwork for my kombi, scheduled to occur over Christmas, and this would be the perfect tool. Here is my Inspiration Board, minus the colour palette in the centre, and Design or Story Board just finished today, minus the fabric samples. Now for the Powerpoint presentation!

With my fractured hand keeping me somewhat restricted, I am starting to get a little bit edgy with not being able to do all the things I want to do! I have organised my computer files, finished my design assignment, and designed next years' WOW entry. Now I want to play!!!


  1. I need that pink dress on your design board in my life! Can't wait to see how your kombi van turns out. Also, can you organise my computer files for me.. thanks :)

  2. Your design board is just beautiful you clever thing! I am useless with all those programs. Good luck with next competition. Excited for you re the trip!!! In between, just enjoy the time not quite doing as much!!!!