Friday, 10 October 2014

Brisbane Craft & Quilt Show

Wow. OK. This is just a really quick update on what has been happening for the last three days....

The response to my display at this show has been absolutely overwhelming, and I thank all the wonderful people who have come in specifically to see my work, and who have been so effusive with their praise and admiration. Truly humbling.
The publicity achieved by Expertise Events using my work has been phenomenal! This includes the article in mx magazine this week, where I had my photo taken on the banks of the Brisbane River wearing Fimbria Figura!
I also had a shoot with this fine lady in the Convention Centre itself.

I have enjoyed the time immensely, and it has been great to catch up with new and old friends, and have the opportunity to inspire those who are completely new to our world!
When I have not been chatting, I have been having a wonderful time moulding and painting leather pieces for a new creation - I think this one should be for me!!
I have also enjoyed playing with scrap pieces of leather, which have led to a few ideas re interesting brooches!
I have been overwhelmed with requests for workshops, and started by directing people to this blog to see the workshops that I have available on offer to groups who wish to employ me. As of today though, I have considered the idea of running my own schedule of workshops, most likely based at the BVAC community building where my textile group ATASDA meets, at Tarragindi. So for all of you who have expressed interest in doing workshops with me - stay tuned! Both groups and individuals who are interested, please contact me, and I will begin a file of interested parties!
Thank you all again for your kind words of appreciation and encouragement - you really have made this time an absolute pleasure for me!!

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