Saturday, 26 October 2013

Old Friends

Does anyone else think Simon and Garfunkel when they see that title? "Sat on their park bench like bookends"..... 
I start with that because this week I did catch up with a friend, after far too long. It was so nice to visit with Beatrice, to talk textiles, and to meet her current houseguest, Min. What a beautiful girl!
Min the gawdjuss!
Over the years since we first met at an ATASDA meeting, Beatrice, a weaver and dyer, has been a wonderful friend, and has always given me treasures from her 'LoomRoom' such as beautiful silk, tencel and wool fibre offcuts to use in my felt work. This week I picked up some lovely merino wool threads, plus a roll of silk habutai, as well as a variety of beautiful polyester organzas.  Beatrice has often used these for shibori work, making such fabulous creations as these bubble shibori pieces.
Shibori Organza
Beatrice is an inspiration to me, as she continues to make fabulous works, and exhibit in group and solo exhibitions, not to mention living life with a gusto I can only aspire to.
Of course, as many of you know, Matt and became engaged in New Zealand this September, and this week, my beautiful ring arrived from England! 2 tiers of 10 opals (we've been together 10 years) plus a central stone, with opal being my birthstone as well. I luvz it!!
The ring!!

We decided to do the official presentation at my mothers house, which happens to be the house I grew up in, and where I last saw my dear Dad, so it seemed very appropriate.

Georgia O'Keefe design board
Sketching in the studio

Fabric test pieces

It's a short term at TAFE, so with only a few weeks to go, it's full steam ahead! I was fortunate enough to have four or five hours in the studio on Thursday, working on my design assignment. I was able to finish off my inspiration board for my Georgia O'Keefe based assignment, and then start playing with sketching. Now I search for the elusive title for this design collection!!
Today I worked more on this, as well as my Textile assignment, which involves burning, bleaching, stitching, tearing and rubbing fabrics to test their components and durability. I'm enjoying this technical aspect to my studies!
Sunday now looms, full of creative potential.....

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