Saturday, 2 November 2013

Fashion Sketching

It's a love/hate thing. It's hard when you want to be so good, and yet you're not. On the upside, it would appear that simply practicing does assist in improvement, although this is a challenging journey in itself. Every time you draw a really rubbish arm or a completely gumby face, it knocks you back, but when you draw a lovely leg, it's two steps forwards!!
Trying to loosen it up on the drawing board.
I'm trying to complete my design assignment, and although my current version is acceptable, I just want to do something really fantastic and lively! It's hard to loosen up, but I just want that vital sense of life in my work rather than the static template look.

Matt Cat!
The fabulous wooden box I picked up at the markets which I now use as my TAFE toolbox was suffering a few stress injuries, and needed some reinforcements, so dear Matt screwed it back together as well as dressing it up with some lovely corner pieces! Lovely work!!
 I hope to progress a little further tomorrow, as well as working on my WoW design for 2014, which has started to come together this week! I'd like to enter the WETA Workshop Costume & Film section, as I'd love to win the prize of 4 weeks in the workshop - squeeee! Wouldn't mind doing an Avante Garde piece as well....... and maybe South Pacific again..... Back on the treadmill, indeedy!!

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