Tuesday, 8 October 2013

A day in the felting studio

I just couldn't make it out into the world today, and decided to put all errands on hold whilst I spent yet another day in the studio. After a frustrating few days working on my sketching (a long way to go!!) with no nice end results to admire, I decided to work on some ideas for future felt workshops. I started with a multicoloured layout, using up bits and pieces, which I fully felted, ironed, then wrapped around a pvc pipe. I poured dye over it and hoped to just steam it to shape, but the dye just ran out of it, so I had to  immerse it in a dyebath. Even though I have a metal tube for this purpose, it still required a lot of water, so did not turn out to be the dramatic jet black that I had hoped. Still, I am happy with the result, and am sure this will lead to an interesting workshop project.
Shibori felt
The messy felting table!

I have long been inspired by butterflies and other insects, and have  also been inspired by the beautiful butterfly works felted by Jean Guager of SugarPlum Originals. I've played around with felted wing designs before, but this time really channelled Jean! I really wanted to get the lovely cracquelure effect that she achieves. I really enjoyed the time at the table, selecting pieces of silk fabric, yarns, silk fibre and wool to lay out. I made quite a mess!
Wing layout

 Again just using leftover wool, I didn't get the really dramatic effect as with using black wool (I had some, couldn't find it, remembered where it was afterwards!) But, I am again very happy with the results. Felting is so rewarding!
Back to college tomorrow - looking forward to the new semester!
Felted wing


  1. Svenja, I don't know where to start. You are amazing. Found your blog through ArtQuill, also incredible. I'll start here, with this beautiful fairy wing. :D x

  2. Thanks so much Flora Fascinata! So glad you like my work! :-)