Sunday, 9 June 2013

The Long Weekend of June

The weekends' events started with the QUT Frock on the Block Market on Friday. After an amazing run through peak hour traffic, I arrived early, and unloaded my gear with greatly welcomed help from staffers.
 It was a really well organised market, great music, great friendly vibes and help from those involved - but no punters! Did somebody forget to advertise this?! Still, it was good to get myself organised into selling mode (despite no sales!), which has motivated me to get my Etsy shop back up and running - stay tuned! I made some of my very popular devore velvet scarflettes for this event, and currently have seven (very brightly coloured) of them up for grabs!!
Happy Birthday Big Kit!!
Actually though, the weeks' excitement really began with my sisters' 40th birthday on Thursday. For this very special milestone, I had made her a SvenjaCouture original; hand felted, dyed and stitched, in subtle slate grey and white tones. I think she liked it!

 I included some sequined fabrics I had garnered from op-shop finds, and created little stuffed balls in silk fabric, as well as textured crinkle chiffon and paj silks. After felting in the round with a resist, I created extra texture and shaping with hand stitching.

Having reached deadlines for other events all this year, I thought it might be nice to treat myself to one of my own pieces. Inspired by some lovely locks bought at the Qld Spinners & Weavers open day in fabulous bright pinks and oranges, I gathered together all my bits and pieces of silks, sari scraps and lace, and laid out a dress for myself. It's currently in progress, and I have high hopes for a lovely garment for myself! I so enjoyed laying out these fabulous colours - as so often there is, there was real pleasure involved in the process alone, and as yet I am still to see the result!
 I look forward to finishing this in the morning, and then continuing work on finishing StudioSvenja ready for the Grand Opening, currently planned for late July. This weekend I have dyed the leather pieces which will decorate the mirror, and have painted the frame, ready to attach them. Apart from this and painting the doors, there's not much more to be done.
Whilst rolling, rolling away in the wet studio this afternoon, I greatly enjoyed looking in at the sewing studio, whilst listening to the ABC's Top 100 of movie music on my new stereo - thanks Matt!!
This week I received word from the lovely Janice Mengerson of MSIT regarding my studies towards the Fashion Diploma at TAFE next semester. I simply await the official documents and I will be enrolled!
See you soon with pictures of the new frock!

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