Saturday, 3 November 2012

Toowong Cemetery

Saturday morning began with a visit to make the aquaintance of some old friends of Matts' - a calorific morning of banana cake, Russian caramel fudge and coconut ice - yikes, there goes the diet!! Nicely done, though - nicely done. When we got home, I got stuck into sanding my fibreglass mould.... the more you sand, the more faults you find! Unfortunately, I didn't get as far along as I wanted to, as I was invited to tag along to a trip out to Toowong Cemetery. Never having been there in my life, I was not about to turn the opportunity down, even though it meant I had to walk away from my many projects.

The place is massive, and has many distinctive sections. I think my favourite today was the dense area with lots of pine trees - a quite dishevelled and overgrown area.

 At my first stop, I met Leo - a lovely, friendly, chocolate cat. He was more than happy to receive an
ear rub. ear rub.

I realised he was a long way from home, and rang the number on his collar, and sure enough, he had been missing for several days. His Mum came to get him, but was not surprised - apparently he is a regular visitor at the cemetery!

I found a magnificent tree, and got a closer look. It was so Dark Crystal! I had to climb it.

There was a wonderful amount and variety of wrought iron fencing - wonderful lines for inspiring prints and other designs.....

It could also be said that there is a wonderful sense of 'ruin porn' in such a site, as nature reclaims what humans have built. We loved the crumbling fences, the strangler figs, the lichen and broken graves (the naturally done ones, not those born of human violence and stupidity!). We agreed that a cemetery is the best urban parkland around!
I loved this last one - it looked like the tree was just dripping down onto the ground....

Next weekend will be a busy one - Saturday is 'Art in Action' at the Brisbane Polo Club, held in the cellar from 11-3 - a project of BVAC (Brisbane Visual Arts Community) involving a wide range of art groups from glass, leather, textile and painting disicplines. Should be fun! I will have devore and screen printed scarves, as well as felted boas, wraps, and hats for sale
Sunday sees a collaboration with new strangers (friends I haven't met yet!) in pursuit of an Avant Garde photo shoot, with the results to appear in an exhibition on November 28th - stay tuned for details! Sounds like an epic afternoon with around 20 people involved!! I'm looking forward to stepping outside of my comfort zone and working with other creatives!!
Happy weekend peoples! Bed time now, in preparation for an early start!!

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  1. Nice work hun... I have been a bit of a slack arse with my blog, lol. Was a great day of exploration indeed:-))).