Sunday, 28 October 2012

Moving on

Just a brief update, no pics, sadly. The weekend began on Friday with a delicious breakfast meeting at The Gun Shop Cafe with our burgeoning creative team, now including make-up artist and model - oh, and both are photographers too! It was a most enjoyable meeting of new folk, and got me quite inspired. As did a quick shopping blitz on the way back to the kombi, which jagged me a pair each of gold, and bronze leather-look frilled shorts - gawdjuss! These immediately inspired matching corsets, using the leather and feather ideas I've been working towards. The shopping excursion extended to the dreaded Spotlight, where I actually found what I was looking for - iridescent organza! Friday afternoon was spent making paper templates for the new corset ideas, and I went to bed Friday night happy with the progress made.
Saturday was largely spent running errands (apart from a brief dumpster diving episode with Matt to get some laser-cut steel off-cuts for garden sculpture!) and spray-painting the room downstairs, which is looking great! So much so that I got a bit jealous and thought, "Why am I painting this room for two teenage boys - looks like it would make a much better studio space!!" I comforted myself with the thought that this task made the building of the (much larger) studio one step closer, so was totally worthwhile.
Sunday saw a delightful return to fibreglassing - ohhh, that smell! I made half a bodice from material, shaped it over a mannequin, and coated it in resin. This will become the form from which I will make a set of moulds to use for moulding leather bodices. My other experiment in leather moulding also went exceptionally well. The sheep 'basil' Matt bought me from Packer Leather was, with some hesitation, cut into shapes and moulded over a plastic mannequin. Wow - I have found my new obsession! It was an absolute dream to work with - so soft and pliable, like pastry!! It did whatever I wanted it to - bliss!! It's just amazing. Ahhhh, another expensive hobby..... My leather tooling worked out really well too, so I am one happy little creative bunneh tonight. I have just plotted our next photo shoot with our new team - an interim number until I have created some of the new pieces - but I don't think the first ones will be too far off! I think evenings this week will be busy. Happy Monday for tomorrow, folks - they just don't seem that bad any more, with a head full of awesome ideas and Spring Fever to boot!!

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