Monday, 12 November 2012

Platform shoes, The Polo Club, and a Photo Shoot

The weekend began at midday Friday with my shopping errands. First mistake! As usual, I got diverted into Zu shoes, and found these....
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Having tried them on, I convinced myself that they were essential to my wardrobe, and it really didn't take too much to do so.......... and now they are mine.
I spent the afternoon loading up the kombi with my goods to participate in the Art in Action sale organised by BVAC at the Brisbane Polo Club. Returning home from delivery just after 5, I was in peak hour traffic for the first time in years. Aaaaghhhh! I'm so glad I don't have to do that all the time - my blood pressure would be off the charts! There were a few interesting moments on the way in, too, as my passenger side mirror had been bumped, so changing lanes on the Storey Bridge became a combination of guesswork and hope......
Sadly, Saturday morning dawned as one of the wettest days in months, which is not a good sign for commerce in Queensland. We decide it's all too hard and go out later. We didn't get the traffic we'd hoped for at the sale, but I enjoyed hanging out with some of my favourite textile friends, getting to know others a little better, and enjoyed a fabulous lunch upstairs. I could get used to that!

The dedicated current president of ATASDA, Lyn Baxter, and the previous dedicated president, Sharyn Hall, setting up in the Polo Club Cellar.
The ever-graceful and delightful Phillipa Rooke (my first felting tutor) - always a pleasure to see her! Both in our signature colours!!
Sunday dawned damp, but not rainy enough to quash our weekly boxing session, where Miss Jenelle seemed to subscribe to an entirely different method of counting blows - a very lax one, and not in my favour! As usual, we worked our abs and mouth muscles laughing our way through another round! Afterwards I had a few hours to spend in the studio, and did an hour of sanding on my fibreglass mould, which is turning into a bit of an epic! I then spent the remaining time in the upstairs studio resolving how to finish the leather and feather bodices I am working on, and starting to work on the feather headpiece. Black rooster feathers with their gorgeous green iridescence are so wonderful - I've just placed another order with Feather and Earth on Etsy.
Beautiful Black Feather, rooster feathers , bulk, lot, wholesale, long
Iridescent feathers from Feather and Earth

It was hard to tear myself away to head off the the Avant Garde photo shoot with Angelina Conias and a team of fabulous make-up artists and models......but it was worth it.
After a rough start of not knowing which one of three buildings I was supposed to be in, having my garment rack blown into the garden at least 5 times by massive winds, and not being able to reach Angelina on her broken phone, I was about ready to turn for home! Despite the security, I was able to blag my way in through two pairs of locked doors, into the lift and up to the 19th floor. I needed to be on the 20th. So close, and yet so far........

It was back to ground to be rescued by Angelina and escorted to the apartment where mayhem was in progress. Models, make-up artists, bags and racks everywhere, and I didn't know a soul!
After getting to know the lovely Nicola, and Cadbury the cat, I headed up to view the shoot on the roof where Kia and Nicola were rocking it!
Robyn and Nicola
Kia and Nicola
Monique looks amazing......
Jennifer Holt styles Kia for my felt dress!
Kia re-adjusts Moniques' bulldog clip!
Grace and Sheila
Sheila wearing Mirror Mirror
These photos are no more than a record of the day - I can't wait to see the magic of the real pics! Thanks to all involved - you were all fabulous, and Angelina - I've never come across such calmness! At around 5:30 I called it quits, when I found out that Matt was across the road at the United States Embassy, hosted by Ambassador Haynes... wearing his dishdash.....
I slipped across with a bottle of champoo and we enjoyed a catch up before parting for our dinners. Another full weekend! NEXT!!!

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